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Police raids criminal bosses meeting: Penza citizens among arrested

13:48 | 31.03.2016 | Crime


Yekaterinburg, 31 March 2016. PenzaNews. The police and the FSB has raided one of the restaurants in Yekaterinburg in the night into Thursday, March 31, to prevent a meeting of criminal bosses that planned to divide the influence in the Central Ural territories, and brought 167 people to the police for identification, including citizens of Yekaterinburg, Penza, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Moscow and the Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous region.

Police raids criminal bosses meeting: Penza citizens among arrested

Photo: 66.mvd.ru

“When the law enforcement came with the raid, they found three cigarette packs and one baggie with a plant substance, supposedly hashish. Also, the police seized four pistols that visually resemble Makarovs, 14 knives, a wooden baseball bat, a rubber baton, and several bottles of supposedly counterfeit liquor,” Valery Gorelykh, press secretary of the Sverdlovsk region Ministry of the Interior department, informed PenzaNews.

One of the guests of the meeting, who was drunk, attempted to resist the law enforcement, which was met with physical reaction by the police.

“All persons brought to the police were questioned and had their fingerprints taken. We are currently checking their possible involvement in other crimes and the wanted status,” the press secretary explained.

The seized evidence was sent for inspection, Valery Gorelykh pointed out.

According to available information, two of the persons in question were found to have a large amount of unpaid fines, and will be brought to the court by the end of the day, while several more people were fined for illegal car window film.

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