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31 March 2016

Vladimir filmmaking studio “Pioner” wins Penza KinnoFest grand prize

31.03.16 14:57 | Culture

The filmmaking studio “Pioner” from the city of Vladimir has won the grand prize of the fifth KinnoFest Russia-wide youth popular science film festival that concluded in Penza on Thursday, March 31.

Over 500 students evacuated from Penza school after bomb report

31.03.16 14:10 | Incidents

Over 500 people were evacuated from the Penza school No. 51 after an anonymous bomb report, the director of the school No. 51 Olga Kulinskaya informed PenzaNews.

Police raids criminal bosses meeting: Penza citizens among arrested

31.03.16 13:48 | Crime

The police and the FSB has raided one of the restaurants in Yekaterinburg in the night into Thursday, March 31, to prevent a meeting of criminal bosses that planned to divide the influence in the Central Ural territories, and brought 167 people to the police for identification, including citizens of Yekaterinburg, Penza, Perm, ...

Penza officials to tackle unstable job market situation directy

31.03.16 13:00 | Economy

Valery Savin, who is replacing the governor Ivan Belozertsev during the latter’s business visit to Kazakhstan, has signed the regional government decree that approves the program “On Implementation of Additional Measures in Public Employment Field To Reduce Job Market Tension in the Penza Region in 2016.”

Kamenka area woman loses money to scammers in attempt to sell tractor

31.03.16 12:40 | Crime

A 35-year-old citizen of the Kamenka area in the Penza region ended up as a victim of a scammer in an attempt to sell a tractor via an online ad website.

Penza swimmers win three silver medals at Swim Open Stockholm

31.03.16 12:11 | Sport

Sergei Fesikov, Anastasia Fesikova and Victoria Andreeva of the Penza sports education center have won three silver medals during the first Swim Open Stockholm that went underway in the capital of Sweden on Wednesday, March 30.

Victor Kuvaytsev personally inspects Ternovka communal breach repairs

31.03.16 11:21 | Communal Services

The Penza city administration head Victor Kuvaytsev has personally inspected the repairs of a one-meter-diameter underground pressure sewage collector, which suffered a breach on an intersection of Rostovskaya and Ivanovskaya streets in Penza shortly before.

Penza “NIIEMP” concerned with creating parking lot for own staff

31.03.16 10:04 | Society

Alexander Akimov, first assistant general director of the research and development company “NIIEMP,” addressed a request to the Penza city administration head Victor Kuvaytsev for the option to use the two land plots adjacent to the organization to set up parking lots for the staff.

Penza volunteers begin search for 24-year-old Anastasia Yurtaeva

31.03.16 09:53 | Society

The Liza Alert volunteers have joined the search for a 24-year-old Anastasia Yurtaeva from Penza, who disappeared on March 15.

Penza region governor, Kazakhstan Energy Vice Minister reach agreement on cooperation

31.03.16 09:44 | Economy

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev and the Energy Vice Minister of Kazakhstan Aset Magauov have agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the parties.

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