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Lipetsk drug-dealing band jailed in Penza

10:18 | 29.07.2016 | Crime


Penza, 29 July 2016. PenzaNews. Three citizens of the Lipetsk region, including an underage girl, were sentenced to prison terms by the Zheleznodorozhny Penza city area court for attempting to commit a large-scale drug trade scheme in Penza.

Lipetsk drug-dealing band jailed in Penza

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Moreover, one of the young women in the criminal band was also deemed guilty of involving an underage person in a criminal scheme, the press service of the Volga Federal District transportation prosecutor’s office informed PenzaNews.

“During June-July 2015, the aforementioned people bought several wholesale batches of synthetic drugs in Moscow and Novosibirsk for later distribution in Penza and Ufa,” they clairifed.

According to the press service, the criminal scheme was interrupted after one of the gang members had been detained at the train station in attempt to bring drugs from Penza to Ufa, with the aforementioned batch of over 140 grams seized.

“The underage girl from Lipersk was sentenced to two years in a general-security penal colony. Her lady friend in the gang, who was also found guilty of involving the girl in the large-scale criminal scheme, received 3.5 years in a general-security penal colony. The third member of the gang will be spending 5 years in a maximum-security penal colony,” he VFD transportation prosecutor’s office concluded.

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