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29 July 2016

Gainullin, Melnichenko, Alexyutin officially registered as State Duma election candidates

29.07.16 20:00 | Politics

Three more Penza candidates have been officially registered to participate in the election to the State Duma of the seventh convocation during the regional election committee session on Friday, July 29.

Georgy Kamnev, Dmitry Filyaev receive State Duma election candidate passports

29.07.16 18:59 | Politics

Georgy Kamnev, first secretary of the Regional Committee of the Communist Party, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region, and Dmitry Filyaev, first secretary of the Penza CPRF city committee, history teacher at the Penza school No. 58, received their State ...

Dmitry Filyaev invites Leonid Levin for public debate

29.07.16 15:29 | Politics

The first secretary of the Penza CPRF city committee and soon-to-be State Duma election candidate Dmitry Filyaev invited his political opponent at the election district No. 147 Leonid Levin – chairman of the State Duma committee on information policy, information technologies and communications, deputy for “A Just ...

Mikhail Babich to become Russian ambassador to Ukraine, sources say

29.07.16 14:41 | Politics

The Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy in the Volga Federal District Mikhail Babich may potentially become the Russian ambassador to Ukraine.

Penza officials discuss building additional road along Sura river to relieve traffic

29.07.16 11:32 | Society

The Penza city hall has discussed the proposal to build a new relief road along the Sura river to relieve traffic in the Ternovka residential area during the meeting session on Friday, July 29.

Penza to hold street basketball competition “Orange Ball”

29.07.16 10:45 | Sport

The Penza region will be hosting a street basketball competition “Orange Ball” at the Lenina square on Saturday, August 13.

Around 33% Penza region citizens save money for flat or land purchase

29.07.16 10:38 | Society

A third of the Penza region citizens are making savings to buy an apartment or a landplot, or consider doing so once they have the opportunity, according to the PenzaNews website poll held on 14-28 July 2016, which received votes from 202 users, including 155 from Penza and the region.

Lipetsk drug-dealing band jailed in Penza

29.07.16 10:18 | Crime

Three citizens of the Lipetsk region, including an underage girl, were sentenced to prison terms by the Zheleznodorozhny Penza city area court for attempting to commit a large-scale drug trade scheme in Penza.

Penza State Technological University acting principal taken into custody

29.07.16 09:48 | Society

The acting principal of the Penza State Technological University (PenzGTU) Vasily Moiseev was taken into custody until September 28 after he had been charged with abuse of office and embezzlement.

Man injured in Kuznetsk traffic incident

29.07.16 09:10 | Incidents

A man born in 1981 was injured when his Audi collided with a road guard in Kuznetsk of the Penza region. The incident occurred at the intersection of Belinskovo and Sverdlova streets on Friday, July 29.

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