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Penza bodybuilder Aleksey Netesanov discharged from hospital and to be placed under house arrest

12:00 | 21.11.2016 | Crime


Penza, 21 November 2016. PenzaNews. The famous Penza bodybuilder Aleksey Netesanov, who was sentenced to 2 months of house arrest within a criminal case on massive illegal trade in potent substances, was discharged from hospital and brought home. This was reported to PenzaNews by the press secretary of the Federal Service for Execution of Punishment Andrey Popkov on Monday, November 21.

Penza bodybuilder Aleksey Netesanov discharged from hospital and to be placed under house arrest

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“On the weekends he was discharged from hospital but he still remains under house arrest. All former limitations are preserved,” the interlocutor said.

Aleksey Netesanov is not allowed to move more than several meters away from a special transmitter and to use his phone and the Internet. At the same time, he is allowed to talk to his wife, son, mother and his lawyer. Twice a week he will be visited by the inspectors.

As PenzaNews reported earlier, Aleksey Netesanov was arrested in Penza on November 8. A criminal case was opened against him under Part 3, Art. 234 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Illegal traffic in potent or poisonous substances for the purpose of sale”.

On November 10, the court selected a measure of restriction, that is 2 months of house arrest.

According to the information provided by “Ulitsa Moskovskaya” newspaper, Aleksey Netesanov was arrested in “Medved” gym located on Leningradskaya street in Penza. During the investigation the athlete's blood pressure rose and he was sent to hospital in an ambulance car under supervision of policemen. He was hospitalized there.

On November 14, it became known what substances were found at Aleksey Netesanov’s home and at work. According to the data provided by the press service of the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, 500 pills of metandienone and 75 bottles of nandrolone were discovered and confiscated in the coaches’ room and 370 pills of stanozolol and testosterone – in his house.

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