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Staff of memorial estate “Tarkhany” to restore “12 Oaks Grove”

13:33 | 12.03.2012 | Culture


Penza, 12 March 2012. PenzaNews. Plan of “12 Oaks Grove” restoration was worked out by State Lermontov Museum - Tarkhany Reserve in the Penza region.

According to administration of museum, restoration of the grove will include cutting down some bushes, undergrowths and sick trees, placing benches, holiday tables for tourists. A tethering post will be mounted as it is planed to make a horse path in the grove.

Lot lines will be marked with sighting devices and the perimeter of that area will be plowed for fire safety. The road through the grove will be closed by bar” – is said in the institution.

The administration also noticed that oak’s grove looks painful nowadays. There is no metal fence and inscriptions plate. The glade is overgrown with grass and bushes, there is dense undergrowth, wild trees various household rubbish everywhere.

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