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Penza Drama Theater presented play “Is it easy to get married in Penza?”

11:37 | 26.11.2014 | Culture


Penza, 26 November 2014. PenzaNews. The Penza Drama Theater gave the first night of a documentary play “Is it easy to get married in Penza?” on Tuesday, November 25.

Penza Drama Theater presented play “Is it easy to get married in Penza?”

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Before its beginning, the audience was able to see the exhibition of the most famous works by the well-known Penza photographers Arina Ermilova and Anna Arzamastseva, titled “Life With a Meaning.”

According to the authors of the exhibition sponsored by MegaFon, the monochrome pictures compel the spectators to try and find the answers to eternal questions: “Why do I live?”, “What is the most important in life?” and “What is its meaning?”

The exhibition outlined the documentary edge of the play by Veronika Shakhova.

Elena Isaeva, playwright from Moscow who was present at the first showing, discussed the script that became the foundation for the play and noted that its path to the scene was not without hurdles.

She recalled that over 50 people took part in the survey during the documentary theater week in May 2013 titled “Penza as it is.” The results of the surveys were transformed and arranged into a play.

According to Elena Isaeva, the resulting play ended up being a dedication to one of the eternal issues.

“I think literature has only two main topics: love and death. I prefer love for now,” remarked the playwright.

She also mentioned that the play gives no definitive answer to the question in its title, since everybody answers this question on himself.

“I found the answer myself,” Elena Isaeva said.

In his turn, the artistic director of the Penza Drama Theater Sergei Kazakov noted that it is the first documentary play for the drama crew.

“I don’t know what will it end up, I’m very excited, because it is a genre yet unexplored,” he said before the play.

Sergei Kazakov also expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Culture for its support.

“We were finally able to make our dream come true, set up something out of bounds, something radical in a good way, something that would stir up the public,” he explained.

The Penza audience warmly met the play.

As the PenzaNews agency reported earlier, the play “Is it easy to get married in Penza?” is set up as a TV talk show where people discuss the questions of happy family, look fore their soulmates and try to distinguish truth from illusions.

The female protagonists were modeled after the director of “Meridian” marital agency Natalya Kuznetsova and the executive director of the Successful Families Union of the Penza region Olga Leonidova.

The play featured Distinguished Artists of Russia Galina Repnaya and Natalya Starovoyt, Distinguished Worker of Culture of the Penza region Evgeny Panov, and actors Sergei Drozhilov, Vera Dupenko, Ilya Kochetkov, Yulia Koshkina, Vladislav Matyukin, Elena Pavlova, Nikolai Potapov, Artem Samokhin, Maria Solovyeva, Pavel Tachkov and Yulia Cheremukhina.

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