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26 November 2014

Penza claims to be among most attractive Russian cities

26.11.14 17:09 | Society

Penza is taking part in online poll “City of Russia” — the users choose the most attractive, recognizable and symbolic city of the Russian Federation.

Penza humanitarian aid sent to Lugansk region

26.11.14 16:54 | Society

Humanitarian aid was sent from Penza to the Luhansk region of Ukraine on Wednesday, November 26.

Case on recognition of Vladimir Kvachkov's book as extremist material underway in Penza

26.11.14 16:22 | Society

Preparation for the consideration of the case for recognition of book “Who rules Russia?” as an extremist material continues in Leninsky district court of Penza. The book is written by Vladimir Kvachkov, a retired military intelligence colonel who is currently ...

Penza specialists plan presenting new robotics equipment in month

26.11.14 12:54 | Society

Penza specialists will be ready to present their own robotics equipment and prepare it for mass production in a motnh, said head of the youth innovation center “NanoElectroLab” Denis Timerbaev during a meeting with the Penza region governor Vasily Bochkarev.

Penza gymnast Darya Kolobova won the Cup of Russia

26.11.14 11:47 | Sport

The Penza-born gymnast Darya Kolobova won the gold medal in free callisthenics of the Cup of Russia for the Moscow team during the first day of the competition that took place in the “Burtasy” sports palace this Tuesday, November 25.

Penza Drama Theater presented play “Is it easy to get married in Penza?”

26.11.14 11:37 | Culture

The Penza Drama Theater gave the first night of a documentary play “Is it easy to get married in Penza?” on Tuesday, November 25.

Penza resident accused of raping, killing and slaughtering own great-grandmother

26.11.14 09:55 | Incidents

A 27-year old resident of Penza city is accussed of committing a brutal murder of his own 95-year old great-grandmother.

Several teenagers suspects in murder case by Arbekovo water pond in Penza

26.11.14 09:45 | Incidents

Three 16-year old teenagers have been put into custody as suspects in a case of murder of a 21-year old young man. His body was found in the water pond in Arbekovo district.

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