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Kirill Zastrozhniy named Penza Picture Gallery director to staff

11:47 | 13.04.2015 | Culture


Penza, 13 April 2015. PenzaNews. Kirill Zastrozhniy, who had been working for a long time as deputy head of the Department of Culture and Archive of the Penza region, has been named director of the Savitsky Picture Gallery to its staff on Monday, April 13.

Kirill Zastrozhniy named Penza Picture Gallery director to staff

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Opening the meeting, the head of the Department of Culture and Archive Evgeniy Shilov noted that the Penza Picture Gallery nowadays is not only a large exposition but also a great educational institution.

“Valery Petrovich [Sazonov, former director of the Penza Savitsky Picture Gallery] has passed away [on March 17, 2015]. This is a great loss. During the years of him as a director, our painting funds nearly quadrupled,” he said, adding that Sazonov’s legacy must remain in the future.

“The governor [Vasily Bochkarev] personally took part in choosing the new head of the Picture Gallery. We understand well that the current gallery occupies not one, but as many as four buildings – or, to be precise, five with a small expansion. The past years added the gubernatorial house, the Glass Museum and the Museum of One Painting – all known on their own. Of course, the person chosen is experienced, one who knows the workings of culture, because Kirill Vladimirovich [Zastrozhniy] not only labored, but lived and lives in it,” Evgeniy Shilov stressed.

In his turn, Kirill Zastrozhniy addressed the Picture Gallery staff and placed emphasis on the fact that the main principle of his life is to be as much open as possible.

“This is why I am asking you from the first days of knowing each other to be as much open as possible, to be as sincere as possible in all our contacts, and promise you the same in return. The relations will be very simple. Each of you will be treated how you treat the task you were assigned,” he explained.

However, nobody would be able to replace Valery Sazonov, Kirill Zastrozhniy added.

“One cannot overestimate Valery Sazonov’s personality as arts researcher, as museum keeper, as collector and creator of a modern picture gallery,” said the new director.

He stressed “there will be no revolutions” in the Penza Picture Gallery.

“I have no personal antipathy to any of you. There will be no ‘cleanups’ or disbandment. Together, we will research the current state of affairs, discuss the short-, middle- and long-term perspectives,” Kirill Zastrozhniy pointed out.

Discussing the most urgent issue, he listed the gallery roof repairs and the intent to get the gubernatorial house “into top shape.”

At the same time, the new director added he will rely on the experienced gallery workers who became professionals in their work when it comes to actually making new expositions.

Kirill Zastrozhniy also stressed the vital need of improving information support of the cultural institution and plans to resurrect the music evenings and gubernatorial house meetings.

“There will be many plans. I am quite active a man,” he added. 

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