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Paintress Tatyana Lushnikova to donate painting to Penza Picture Gallery

09:49 | 15.12.2015 | Culture


Penza, 15 December 2015. PenzaNews. The paintress Tatyana Lushnikova sent the management of the Penza Savitsky Picture Gallery a request to donate one of her paintings to the collection.

“All works done by the paintress are very peculiar, and the gallery specialists do not want to rush as they seek to choose the most worthy item for our collection,” the gallery administration told PenzaNews agency.

The culture institution also plans to hold an exhibition of paintings donated to the collection over the past year, which may take place in the future.

Tatyana Lvovna Lushnikova was born in Penza in 1973.

She graduated cum laude the Penza Art College, and proceeded to obtain a degree in the Repin Institute in 2002.

Tatyana Lushnikova is a member of the Russian Union of Artisits since 2003 and a participant of the art education center “Russian North. Russian Artists of 20th and 21st centuries.” She showcased her works in many exhibitions both in Russia and abroad.

The paintress lives and works in St. Petersburg.

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