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Vladimir filmmaking studio “Pioner” wins Penza KinnoFest grand prize

14:57 | 31.03.2016 | Culture


Penza, 31 March 2016. PenzaNews. The filmmaking studio “Pioner” from the city of Vladimir has won the grand prize of the fifth KinnoFest Russia-wide youth popular science film festival that concluded in Penza on Thursday, March 31.

Vladimir filmmaking studio “Pioner” wins Penza KinnoFest grand prize

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Their video clip “The Sweet Evolution” dedicated to confectionery industry workers is a classic documentary filmed at the factory “Russky Konditer” that tells about the history of marmalade production.

The distinguishing features of the reel are filming skills and solid editing, which gives the clip a professional touch.

According to Stanislav Demchenko, leading film director and scriptwriter at the St. Petersburg Lennauchfilm studio, the team selflessly worked on the clip throughout the festival, in the mood characteristic for the city that hosts the festival itself.

“Penza is a wonderful example of such teamwork. […] Here, people work together on a common cause, which bears its fruit. This city has a lot of opportunities for development of the youth,” he said.

The filmmaking studio “Pioner” walked a long way to their deserved victory, Stanislav Demchenko added.

The second runner-up is the Izhevsk film art studio “Kino-Glass” that worked at the Technology Commercialization Center and focused on machine operators. Their video reel, edited as a TV report, tells about this difficult profession in an easy-to-grasp form.

The runner-up is the Zheleznogorsk studio “Fantom” that filmed a video about the profession of an artist, who must learn new technologies to remain in demand in the modern world. They filmed the material at the company Bit.Games, and their creation is remarkable by its artistic approach to editing and the humor that elicited a positive reaction from the youth-age festival audience.

Svetlana Starostina, film expert, producer and film director, who presented the runner-up diploma to the team, pointed out that they not the first-timers of the event, and even won the grand prize a year ago.

“You now have your own style, your own theme,” she noted.

Moreover, the videoreel by the Moscow “Birufcate Studio” filmed at “MashStal” was received eagerly by the audience.

The distinguishing feature of their well-filmed and very dynamic clip is the fact that it is built solely on the first-person stories of the three protagonists – a patternmaker, a steel melter and metal pourer – who are describing their paths and passions for their professions.

Ilya Yermolaev, film director, founder of Vi-Art production studio, stressed that the team achieved a decisive victory.

“This really is a victory. Because I am greatly driven by emotions each time I’m watching this clip,” he said.

The filmmakers managed to show the elaborate technical professions in a very inspiring way, Ilya Yermolaev added.

The festival closing ceremony concluded with a speech by Yuri Krivov, deputy chairman of the Penza region government, who pointed out that this year’s event was particularly relevant due to the Year of Russian Film celebrated in 2016.

“The value of KinnoFest is in your help for each other,” he stressed, and noted that an opportunity to work with professionals of the trade is very beneficial for the young men and women.

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