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Penza governor suggests new effectiveness criterion for municipality heads

12:27 | 28.09.2015 | Economy


Penza, 28 September 2015. PenzaNews. The level of work with taxpayers on decriminalizing their worker payment schemes and improving tax discipline may become an additional criterion of effectiveness for the heads of municipalities in the Penza region, suggested the governor Ivan Belozertsev.

Penza governor suggests new effectiveness criterion for municipality heads

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He instructed his subordinates to improve the work of inter-body committee on taxes and levies and added that the work of committee itself must become more systematic, during the regional government meeting session held on Monday, September 28.

“[It is important] for it to have representatives of tax inspections, to make the discussions as concise as possible, to prepare material on each undertaking in advance – for salaries, for taxes,” the head of the region pointed out.

At the same time, Ivan Belozertsev stressed that it was unacceptable to allow any overreaches, and recalled a situation when one of the Penza agricultural enterprises that overrated its potential came so far as to cull its dairy herd after it faced a criminal case.

“We must not let it happen. We need to approach this issue in a sensible manner, but people must be paying,” the governor stressed.

At the same time, he urged to review each case on an individual basis.

“There are cases when a small enterprise is unable to pay taxes. Perhaps there is a chance to cooperate with the tax services and give it some more time, if we see it is in danger of imploding due to loss of property or a court case,” the head of the region explained.

Ivan Belozertsev suggested creating an info base to monitor the situation and effectiveness of municipal measures, along with overall activities on municipal heads.

“When there is analysis, concrete info, a system, the issues get solved faster,” the governor said.

In confirmation, the acting Minister of Finance of the Penza region Lyubov Finogeeva listed the figures provided by the regional Ministry of Labor.

“We did the analysis, and found 1,406 organizations with very low salaries. We invited representatives of 1,055 organizations to the commission [on taxes and levies]. As a result, 41.3% of the employers who spoke before the committee increased their salaries up to the regional average level,” she said.

According to Ivan Belozertsev, this information proves more work needs to be done in the field.

“If we had worked constantly – not from time to time, not when the governor or the government chairman tells you – we’d level up the salary situation long ago,” he concluded.

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