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28 September 2015

“Shkolnitsa” monument in Penza to be removed from Moskovskaya street

28.09.15 18:55 | Society

The “Shkolnitsa” monument that is currently installed on Moskovskaya street in Penza will be moved to a different location after it was met with mixed response in the population – ranging from positive to strictly negative. The decision was announced in a reply by the city head Victor Kuvaytsev to an address by a ...

Three “United Information System” websites down again due to hacker attack

28.09.15 18:31 | Society

An unknown malicious party has resumed the attack against the service of the Penza company “United Information System” that causes the three popular Penza websites, free advertisement portal Bazarpnz.ru, local search engine E58.ru, and medical portal Medpnz.ru, ...

HackDay IT team marathon finishes in Penza

28.09.15 13:56 | Society

HackDay, a two-day IT team marathon co-organized by the Penza software developers association “Secon,” the Center of Cluster Development and the St. Petersburg Mikhail Kechinov studio, has finished in Penza.

Artemy Lebedev plans court case against Penza authorities over New Year billboard

28.09.15 13:25 | Society

Artemy Lebedev, a renowned Russian designer, plans to prove the fact the elements of New Year visual brand developed by his design studio were used illegally in the Penza city New Year design scheme through court. He announced the decision through his LiveJournal account.

“United Information System” rep comments on DDoS attack that brought down 3 Penza websites

28.09.15 13:15 | Society

Sergei Kolesnikov, technical director of “United Information System,” has commented to PenzaNews agency on the massive malicious attack against his company’s servers that brought down three popular Penza websites: free advertisement portal Bazarpnz.ru, ...

Penza governor suggests new effectiveness criterion for municipality heads

28.09.15 12:27 | Economy

The level of work with taxpayers on decriminalizing their worker payment schemes and improving tax discipline may become an additional criterion of effectiveness for the heads of municipalities in the Penza region, suggested the governor Ivan Belozertsev.

Penza citizen loses nearly 9,000 rubles trying to sell wheel rims

28.09.15 12:05 | Incidents

A Penza citizen, 26, lost 8,800 rubles to scammers while trying to sell car wheel rims online.

Local Penza portal Bazarpnz.ru down due to attack

28.09.15 11:21 | Society

Bazarpnz.ru, a popular Penza free advertisement website (owned by “United Information System”) with an average of 40,000 visitors per day, was brought down by a massive malicious attack.

Penza governor criticizes regional Education Ministry head for overly formalistic work

28.09.15 10:07 | Politics

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev has criticized the acting regional Minister of Education Alexander Voronkov for an overly formalist work strategy.

Penza region authorities to analyze agricultural machines effectiveness ratio

28.09.15 09:58 | Economy

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev instructed his subordinates to analyze the effectiveness of the agricultural machinery procured for budget funds and rented to local producers.

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