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Authorities, businesses congratulate Bank Kuznetsky with 25th anniversary

17:35 | 26.10.2015 | Economy


Penza, 26 October 2015. PenzaNews. Authorities and businesses congratulated staff of Bank Kuznetsky with its 25th anniversary during a celebration event that took place on Monday, October 26, in the gubernatorial house museum of Penza.

Authorities, businesses congratulate Bank Kuznetsky with 25th anniversary

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The official part of the event was preceded with a video clip on examples of bank’s successful cooperation with large-scale industrial enterprises and trading companies in the region.

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev was the first of the honored guests to make a speech.

“My sincere congratulations to you with this memorable day. 25 years is a respectable amount of time. Bank Kuznetsky had been developing alongside the emerging New Russia, and there were both ebbs and flows. The bank always followed a well-designed policy in these conditions,” stressed the head of the region.

The local citizens would be right to take pride in the performance of the only regional bank in the Penza region, he said.

“The fact that Bank Kuznetsky provides loans to both business and industries, along with mortgages, is very important,” Ivan Belozetsev noted. He also added that the institution’s distinguishing features are its flexibility and a small number of procedures required to agree on a loan, something few federal-level financial structures can say about themselves.

The governor thanked the bank staff for high professional level, and wished them to see all given loans paid.

Following the speech, Ivan Belozertsev presented the Bank Kuznetsky board chairman Mikhail Dralin a badge of honor “Distinguished Financier of the Penza Region.”

In turn, Vyacheslav Kosmachev, deputy chairman of the regional Legislative Assembly, pointed out that many banks created at the same time as Bank Kuznetsky no longer exist now.

“It is pleasant to see our bank steadily keeping up,” he added, stressing that the bank’s top management is to be credited for this achievement.

The Penza city head Victor Kuvaytsev shared the same opinion, noting that the results of a bank’s activities are directly related to sensible management policies.

“This helped this team to occupy a good niche in the banking field in our city and in the country as a whole,” he said.

In turn, Sergei Simonov, first vice mayor of the Penza city administration, also congratulated the team with the 25th anniversary of their institution, and stressed that Bank Kuznetsky has remained a reliable partner of the city hall since the former’s foundation.

“There were many times when we solved our issues thanks to the bank. We hope that the bank will continue helping us in critical situations in the future,” said the deputy head of the city administration.

The next speaker to congratulate Bank Kuznetsky was Georgy Medvedev, first vice president of the Regional Banks Association, who said the team who decided to step into this tough business 25 years ago should be commended for their choice.

The banking field recently had seen many poor actors filtered off over the past few years, but deliberate and sensible policy has remained one of the distinguishing features of Bank Kuznetsky.

“You’ve created a team of professionals. Bank Kuznetsky can compete with Moscow banks, and that is the most important thing,” he said.

Georgy Medvedev also praised the staff of the bank who help the institution establish trust with their clients.

In conclusion of his speech, he presented a diploma to Bank Kuznetsky, and a silver badge of merit from the Regional Banks Association to its head Mikhail Dralin.

In turn, Gennady Antonov, head of the Penza region office of the CBR Volgo-Vyatsky head department, reminded that 13 commercial banks were registered in 1990, including Bank Kuznetsky, and yet 12 of them closed down for one reason or another.

The price of mistake in a smaller bank is much higher than in a larger one, and the results of Bank Kuznetsky reflect effective management, he added.

After the official part of the event ended, the Bank Kuznetsky board chairman Mikhail Dralin gave a short speech, where he expressed his gratitude to the partners for longstanding and fruitful cooperation.

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