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26 October 2015

Alexander Plusch replaces Mikhail Taktaev as “Selskaya Zdravnitsa” head

26.10.15 18:30 | Society

Alexander Plusch, former head of the Penza Artillery Engineering Institute, took over as the chief of “Selskaya Zdravnitsa” company.

Authorities, businesses congratulate Bank Kuznetsky with 25th anniversary

26.10.15 17:35 | Economy

Authorities and businesses congratulated staff of Bank Kuznetsky with its 25th anniversary during a celebration event that took place on Monday, October 26, in the gubernatorial house museum of Penza.

Penza region authorities seek to avoid decrease in new housing supply

26.10.15 13:12 | Economy

The Penza region needs to take measures to avoid a decrease in new housing supply, proposed Alexander Grishaev, acting regional Minister of Construction and Communal Services, during the regional government meeting session held on Monday, October 26.

Penza region statistics shows decline in new marriages

26.10.15 12:14 | Society

The number of new marriages registered in the Penza region in January-August 2015 has shown decrease by 528 units, or 7.8%, compared to earlier, announced Sergei Shemenev, head of the Penza Statistics Service (Penzastat), during the regional government meeting session held on Monday, October 26.

Penza to commemorate political repressions victims

26.10.15 11:43 | Society

The Penza region will hold the events dedicated to Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repressions on October 29 and October 30.

Penza construction worker dies by falling 12 floors

26.10.15 11:02 | Incidents

A man born in 1965, who was employed as a construction worker in a building on Frunze street in Penza, died by falling 12 floors down to the ground level on Sunday, October 25.

Ivan Belozertsev: Region needs support creating functional small enterprises

26.10.15 09:43 | Economy

The Penza region must intensify the activities to support creating functional small enterprises, stated the governor Ivan Belozertsev during the regional government meeting session, after the head of the Penza Statistics Service (Penzastat) Sergei Shemenev reported shrinking ...

Ivan Belozertsev orders to prepare Penza storm drain system for winter period

26.10.15 09:29 | Society

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev instructed the relevant officials to begin cleaning trash and fallen leaves from the city’s storm drains to prepare for the approaching winter period.

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