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Security system developers discuss cutting-edge inventions in Penza

16:57 | 04.02.2016 | Economy


Penza, 4 February 2016. PenzaNews. Over 50 experts from Russia and the CIS countries are taking part in the 6th international research and practice seminar meeting of design, operating and installation company “Diversity of Solutions in Modern Trends of Comprehensive Physical Security System Equipment,” which started in “Chistye Prudy” hotel complex by Penza on Thursday, February 4.

Security system developers discuss cutting-edge inventions in Penza

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The two-day event organized with the assistance of the Center of Cluster Development is driven by a growing worldwide threat of terrorist attacks.

The Penza region was chosen to host the event, as it concentrates within itself many companies involved in development and production of physical security engineering systems: according to some sources, they are supplying approximately 60% of the Russian market in the field.

In a welcoming word, Oleg Shapoval, board chairman of JSC “CeSIS NIKIRET,” president of Penza region Industry Workers Association, stressed that the instrument-making cluster “Security” makes a determined effort in their course of work.

“Today, there are certain things I would like to point out for you from a technical point of view. It is related to our engineering systems production: low-visibility barriers – a very cheap perimeter security measure that takes practically no time to implement. These include a line of alarm barriers made of reinforced barbed tape with alarm devices, which are modular, take minimal time to set up, little to no qualification, and so on and so forth,” he said.

In turn, Mikhail Antonov, acting deputy head of the regional Industry Ministry, acting head of the Industry Department, expressed his gratitude to the enterprises of the Penza instrument-making cluster for their activity, and highlighted the great demand for the seminar which is held for the sixth time.

“These enterprises [of the Penza instrument-making cluster] are relatively young, but over a short period of time, as far as I am informed, they managed to conquer over a half of the Russian security equipment market, which is a significant share,” he stressed.

Andrei Klyuev, general director of “Umirs,” gave a brief summary on their most notable achievements in 2015.

“The past year was marked by unprecedented events for the Penza cluster. ‘Umirs’ group provided security systems for 1,000 kilometers of the national border. Completing this objective was related to a great quantity of issues we had to respond to, and we did. I am talking about the technical side of the problem, which I would like to discuss with you, inform you on, listen to your opinion on that, during this event,” he said.

In turn, Yuri Smirnov, director of “CeSIS NIKIRET,” lined out the agenda for the second day of the seminar meeting, during which the participants will get an opportunity to inspect the production capacities of Penza instrument-making cluster enterprises.

“You will see a great number of one-of-a-kind equipment which we developed and made by ourselves. There are four manufacturing areas: one for reinforced barbed tape systems, another for big installations – anti-collision devices, big gates, […] the third is for linear equipment, which is able to produce up to 100 km of any kind of barriers per month, and the last one deals with precision mechanics,” he clarified.

During the two-day event, the participants will be able to exchange their experience with the colleagues.

They will also hear reports by representatives of “CeSIS NIKIRET,” “Uumirs,” “NIKIRET” branch of the “Start” Protsenko production union, as well as other developers and producers of security engineering systems, who will review the issues in design and installation of various barriers, including bullet-scattering screens, anti-collision devices and boom gates, detection equipment, drive technology, and other equipment.

Moreover, representatives of companies working in intellectual CCTV systems and UAV detection complexes will also share their developments together with Penza engineers.

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