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4 February 2016

“PenzaNews” photo reporter Maxim Kostyushin receives governor’s gratitude

04.02.16 19:23 | Society

Maxim Kostyushin, photo reporter of PenzaNews agency, has received a letter of gratitude from the Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev for responsible work and high professional achievements in the year of 2015.

Security system developers discuss cutting-edge inventions in Penza

04.02.16 16:57 | Economy

Over 50 experts from Russia and the CIS countries are taking part in the 6th international research and practice seminar meeting of design, operating and installation company “Diversity of Solutions in Modern Trends of Comprehensive Physical Security System Equipment,” which started in “Chistye Prudy” hotel ...

Penza region to spend 30 million rubles to procure school buses

04.02.16 15:09 | Society

The Penza region plans to spend 30 million rubles to purchase school buses in 2016, announced the governor Ivan Belozertsev during the grand press conference on Thursday, February 4.

Penza governor sees no need in personal security force

04.02.16 14:42 | Society

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev says he sees no use for a personal security force. The answer came to a question asked through the regional government website for the grand press conference, which was held on Thursday, February 4.

Penza authorities plan no sanctions against Turkish investors

04.02.16 14:34 | Economy

The Penza region authorities do not plan to introduce any sanctions against the investors from Turkey who are working in the region, and particularly in the Tamala area.

Ivan Belozertsev: No cheapening out on social obligations

04.02.16 14:13 | Society

The Penza region social obligation spending will not be cut in 2016, in spite of the uneasy economy, announced the governor Ivan Belozertsev during the grand press conference on Thursday, February 4.

Dmitry Boldov: Penza “Biosintez” ready to develop international partnerships

04.02.16 13:57 | Economy

The pharmaceutical production company “Biosintez” based in the Penza region successfully completed the audit of its capabilities by a large Indian pharmaceutical producer in early February 2016, the general director of “Biosintez” Dmitry Boldov told ...

First flu death registered in Penza region

04.02.16 13:28 | Society

The Penza region has registered its first case of death caused by flu, announced Vladimir Stryuchkov, regional Minister of Health, during the grand press conference of the governor Ivan Belozertsev on Thursday, February 4.

Penza court case against social activist Yuri Ushakov terminated

04.02.16 11:40 | Society

The case against Yuri Ushakov, civil activist, expert in communal affairs, and his son Alexander, who had been arrested on January 26 for drunk and disorderly behavior, has been terminated due to absence of the event of administrative violation, announced Oleg Lipatov, deputy chairman of the Leninsky city area court, who had been ...

26 orphans receive keys to own flats in Penza area

04.02.16 10:04 | Society

A total of 26 orphans received keys to new flats in the Penza area of the Penza region.

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