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Penza “Biomed” cluster sums up results after RAMN expo in Novosibirsk

10:20 | 23.06.2016 | Economy


Penza, 23 June 2016. PenzaNews. Companies of the Penza research and production cluster “Biomed” summed up preliminary results of their participation in the goods expo and research conference in Novosibirsk on June 16-18, which was a part of the 9th scientific readings dedicated to 100th anniversary of the RAMN academic E.N. Meshalkin.

Penza “Biomed” cluster sums up results after RAMN expo in Novosibirsk

Photo: Center of Cluster Development

The cluster enterprises involved their representatives in a number of symposiums dedicated to threee areas: cardiology and cardiosurgery; oncology and radiology; and neurosurgery.

Together with leading Russian and foreign researchers, they discussed such issues as modern approaches in oncology treatment, functional neurosurgery, endovascular cardiotreatment, congenital heart disorders and treatment thereof.

During the expo, the Penza cluster “Biomed” organized a unified booth for its leading enterprises involved in production of medical devices and additives.

The cardiovascular surgery devices production joined together a large number of Russian and foreign developments, and productions of “Biomed” cluster brought forward true interest as many elements are unique and oriented for import replacement.

“We presented a variety of heart valves by ‘MedInzh,’ biomaterials by ‘Cardioplant,’ endovascular surgery materials by ‘Nanomed.’ Particular attention was brought to Penza R&D – a transcatheter valve for minimally invasive surgeries, a biovalve with removable sabot, a lung conduit, a stunt delivery system with medicinal cover,” the commercial director of “MedInzh” Andrei Koshkin commented on the news.

According to him, the exhibition brought great attention from many members of Russian and foreign professional medical field, who expressed their wish to involve “Biomed” devices in their cutting-edge medical assistance processes.

Moreover, the exhibition featured innovative preventive treatment materials.

According to Dmitry Yelistratov, general director of “Parafarm,” the medicine named “Cardioton” attracted great interest. Being a complex concoction of biologically active elements, it affects the cardiovascular system and reinforces other theurapeutical materials used for after-surgery recovery and treatment.

“The doctors were particularly interested in the fact that even a long-duration test found no side-effects to its use,” he said.

Also, Penza enterprises were able to promote their things thanks to support from the Center of Cluster Development.

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