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23 June 2016

Ivan Malikov sees no need to review Tuzov’s case verdict apart from compensation amount

23.06.16 19:25 | Society

The “VolgaInterMedia” president Ivan Malikov claimed that he sees no need to review the verdict over Alexander Tuzov’s case, apart from the amount of compensation that was halved by the court.

Vladimir Putin expresses condolences over Bochkarev’s death

23.06.16 17:12 | Society

The Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences over the death of the Penza ex-governor and Russian Federation Council member Vasily Bochkarev, who passed away at the age of 67 on Wednesday, June 22 .

LDPR joins campaign in Penza “Tri Gvozdiki” public garden

23.06.16 17:04 | Society

The activists of the regional Liberal Democratic Party branch joined the campaign for protection of the Karpinskovo street “Tri Gvozdiki” public garden that had been created in Penza to celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Great Victory.

PenzaNews satisfied with Tuzov’s case verdict motivation

23.06.16 16:54 | Society

The “VolgaInterMedia” president Ivan Malikov announced that PenzaNews generally positively received the motivation part of the verdict in Tuzov’s case in the Penza region Arbitration Court. The editorial office of the agency received a copy of the verdict on Thursday, June 23.

Penza region placed 59th in business competition assistance rating

23.06.16 15:55 | Economy

The Penza region was placed 59th in the 2015 business competition assistance rating of Russian regions compiled by the Russian Government’s analysis center.

Full Tuzov’s case verdict published: Tuzov to pay 265,000 rubles

23.06.16 13:55 | Society

The website of the Penza region Arbitration Court has published the full text of the verdict on the Alexander Tuzov vs “VolgaInterMedia” lawsuit over illegal use of PenzaNews copyrighted photos, according to which the former is to pay 265 rubles to the latter .

Penza region Legislative Assembly representatives sad over Vasily Bochkarev’s death

23.06.16 12:15 | Society

Valery Lidin, chairman of the Penza region Legislative Assembly, secretary of the regional United Russia party branch; senator Victor Kondrashkin; and deputies of all congregations and members of the regional parliament staff expressed their condolences due to the death of ...

Penza “Biomed” cluster sums up results after RAMN expo in Novosibirsk

23.06.16 10:20 | Economy

Companies of the Penza research and production cluster “Biomed” summed up preliminary results of their participation in the goods expo and research conference in Novosibirsk on June 16-18, which was a part of the 9th scientific readings dedicated to 100th anniversary of the RAMN academic E.N. Meshalkin.

Penza Officer Center building becomes regional property

23.06.16 10:01 | Society

Ruslan Tsalikov, first Assistant Minister of Defense, signed a decree to transfer the Penza Officer Center into property of the Penza region.

Penza fraudster steals 120,000 rubles from elderly woman by posing as medical worker

23.06.16 09:45 | Crime

A woman fraudster stole 120,000 rubles from an 83-year-old Penza woman after she got into her flat on Mira street by posing as a medical worker.

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