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Resident of Zarechny to appear for deliberate infection girl with HIV

16:42 | 27.03.2012 | Incidents


Penza, 27 March 2012. PenzaNews. The 30-year-old resident of Zarechny of the Penza region, accused for deliberate infection of other person with HIV will appear in the court.

According to Tatyana Ostrovskaya, the senior assistant prosecutor of the region, it was established that the accused from February 14, 2007 to May 20, 2009 being aware that he is HIV positive, repeatedly had sex acts without prevenception from infectious diseases.

"Thus the man suppressed from the last the fact of a disease available for her. As a result of deliberate criminal acts the woman was infected with HIV," explained the spokeswoman.

According to her, the accused faced recognizance not to leave as judicial restraint.

"Criminal case with the indictment is sent to Zarechensky court for consideration," Tatyana Ostrovskaya summarized.

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