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27 March 2012

Charity concert for Spassky Cathedral to be held in Penza

27.03.12 17:04 | Culture

Charity concert of Governor's choral chapel under honored artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kashirsky will take place in Penza regional philharmonic hall on April 5.

Resident of Zarechny to appear for deliberate infection girl with HIV

27.03.12 16:42 | Incidents

The 30-year-old resident of Zarechny of the Penza region, accused for deliberate infection of other person with HIV will appear in the court.

Resident of Penza region arrested for bribery to employee of regional Interior Ministry

27.03.12 15:43 | Incidents

The employees of department of economic safety and counteraction of corruption of regional Interior Ministry arrested the inhabitant of Bessonovsky area of Penza for bribery to the police officer on Monday, March 26.

Penza sambo wrestler won "bronze" at international tournament

27.03.12 11:32 | Sport

The Penza sambo wrestler, the Honoured Master of Sports, champion of Europe and world Alexey Haritonov won bronze of XXXIII international tournament “A.A.H arlampiyev's Memorial,” which took place in Moscow.

Pensions rise since April 1

27.03.12 10:45 | Society

Rise of all types of labor and state pensions and monthly monetary payments is planned according to the order of the government of the Russian Federation since April 1.

Two police officers suspected in fraud attempt

27.03.12 10:36 | Incidents

Investigating authorities of Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation for the Penza region initiated the criminal case concerning two employees of Penza Office of Interior Ministry of Russia, suspected of fraud attempt.

Former Minister of Agriculture of Penza region accused

27.03.12 09:57 | Incidents

Investigating authorities of IC of the Russian Federation for the Penza region accused former Minister of Agriculture of the region Marat Faizov under item "в" part 5 Art. 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Large size bribe received.” "According to investigation, on March 20, 2012 the ...

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