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Handicapped without leg sentenced to 6,5 years in prison for killing his convive in Kuznetsk

15:23 | 22.01.2014 | Incidents


Penza, 22 January 2014. PenzaNews. A 32-year-old resident of the Kemerovo region, who has a disability of the third group due to lack of one leg, was sentenced to 6,5 years of imprisonment in a penal colony of strict regime for the murder of his convive, the resident of Kuznetsk, the Penza region.

“The investigation found that in May 2013 the convict hitch-hiked to Kuznetsk from Moscow. There he met a local resident and settled in his apartment. On August 5, they both came to visit another man, and the three began drinking alcoholic beverages. When the bottles emptied, the owner of the apartment went to the store and returned with a stranger,” the Senior Assistant of the Head of the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Penza, Media relations, Lyudmila Fomina told news agency PenzaNews on Wednesday, January 22.

She added that later that day while drinking, the convict and the newcomer had a quarrel.

“The handicapped struck the victim on the head with a stool, and then he continued beating up the man with his crutch and the leg of the stool. The man died from injuries at the scene,” the agency interlocutor explained.

Lyudmila Fomina noted that according to the convict the quarrel was caused by the victim who insulted the convict and made obscene statements about his tattoos on his hands.

“The man has been repeatedly brought to criminal liability for committing thefts. The convict admitted his guilt,” the agency interlocutor summarized.

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