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Penza police holds hostage rescue, frees three hostages, two of them kids

16:42 | 20.03.2015 | Incidents


Penza, 20 March 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza police forcibly rescued three a woman and two kindergarten-age children from a man, 34, who held his wife and his children hostage.

Penza police holds hostage rescue op, frees three hostages, two of them kids. Photo: 58.mvd.ru

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As the press service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs informed PenzaNews agency, the formerly convicted hostage-taker was identified as the attacker in several armed assaults in the city.

“The police have established his location and moved out to his address of residence. The culprit, being drunk, locked down the flat door and took his wife and two kindergarten-age children hostage, threatening them with an item that looked like a knife. The man also threatened to have a grenade that he could use,” said the representatives.

A special rapid reaction unit was dispatched to the location, the press service explained.

“Several residents of the apartment building were evacuated. The police, the man’s acquaintances and relatives began negotiating with the perpetrator, asking him to free his wife and kids and then discuss the situation. The negotiations lasted for over 7 hours and ended up in partial success: the culprit freed his son, 2. Fearing for possible negative development of the situation, the special forces decided to conduct a forced takeover operation against the suspect,” the law enforcement officials added.

According to the police, nobody was harmed in the event: the wife and the child of the culprit received no injuries.

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