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20 March 2015

Memorial service for gallery director Valery Sazonov held in Penza

20.03.15 17:13 | Society

Memorial service for Valery Sazonov, Honored Artist of Russia, was held at the Penza Savitsky Art Gallery, where he worked as a director for over 40 years until the last days of his life, on Friday, March 20.

Penza police holds hostage rescue, frees three hostages, two of them kids

20.03.15 16:42 | Incidents

The Penza police forcibly rescued three a woman and two kindergarten-age children from a man, 34, who held his wife and his children hostage.

Penza fraudster charged pensioner 125,000 rubles for “removing hex”

20.03.15 15:20 | Incidents

A Penza resident, 66, was tricked by a fraudster who promised to remove a bad luck spell for a fee.

Penza citizens witness solar eclipse

20.03.15 14:55 | Society

The citizens of Penza witnessed a solar eclipse that took place on Friday, March 20. The people used various items, such as special color filters, glasses, smoked glass shards, floppy disks, old photographic film records, and even colanders, to see how the Moon blocks a portion of the sun’s disk.

Media: Penza region to help LPR with municipal vehicles

20.03.15 14:34 | Society

The Russian regions, including the Penza region, will help the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) with municipal vehicles, the Lugansk Information Center reports with reference to the LPR head Igor Plotnitsky.

Penza governor starts looking for successor

20.03.15 11:15 | Politics

The Penza region governor Vasily Bochkarev effectively admitted looking for his successor.

Penza fraudster refueled car for free

20.03.15 09:55 | Incidents

Penza police are investigating the fraud against a gas station user who refueled his car without paying for it.

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