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Balcony in Penza apt building across Fontannaya square catches fire late at night

13:45 | 01.01.2016 | Incidents


Penza, 1 January 2016. PenzaNews. A balcony of the 4th floor apartment in the Penza apartment building on Moskovskaya street, located across the Fontannaya square and well-known locally for housing the store “Malysh” on the first floor, went ablaze late at night into Friday, January 1.

Balcony in Penza apt building across Fontannaya square catches fire late at night

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The house was evacuated due to the accident: the local residents were forced to interrupt their New Year celebrations and spend some time outside while the fire was being extinguished.

Based on the updates from the Penza region EMERCOM central department, the incident was reported at 1.43 am, and extinguishing the flames took a dispatch of 12 firemen and 4 units of machinery.

“Reportedly, the balcony was hit by a petard. Thanks to quick reaction of the citizens who immediately summoned the fire brigade, we have averted any serious danger. The balcony burnt out, and the room was partially damaged by the flames; nobody was injured in the accident,” Anna Shupilova, head of information and public relations division of the main EMERCOM department in the region, told PenzaNews agency.

She added that the New Year holidays are characterized by significantly increased risk of fires caused by misuse of fireworks, and urged the citizens to launch them only from large open areas far away from houses or any buildings, parking zones, or trees.

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