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1 January 2016

Burglar stole wine, two cold rabbits from Penza area dacha at New Year night

01.01.16 14:40 | Incidents

A former convict, 52, is accused of stealing a bottle of wine and two cold rabbits from a freezer in a dacha located in Lopukhovka village of the Bessonovka area in the Penza region, the press service of the regional Ministry of the Interior department informed PenzaNews ...

Petard-damaged Penza flat owner to receive 20,000 rubles aid after mid-night balcony fire

01.01.16 14:01 | Incidents

Tatyana Morozova, the owner of the flat that was damaged due to a balcony of the Penza apartment building No. 40 on Moskovskaya street catching fire , will receive an aid of 20,000 rubles. The incident took place late at night into Friday, January 1, when a petard flew into ...

Balcony in Penza apt building across Fontannaya square catches fire late at night

01.01.16 13:45 | Incidents

A balcony of the 4th floor apartment in the Penza apartment building on Moskovskaya street, located across the Fontannaya square and well-known locally for housing the store “Malysh” on the first floor, went ablaze late at night into Friday, January 1.

Valenki bandy tournament held in Zarechny on first day of 2016

01.01.16 13:01 | Sport

The 18th residential block of Zarechny city in the Penza region has begun the local bandy tournament, with players wearing valenki (Russian felt boots) instead of ice skates, on Friday, January 1.

Penza driver detained after hit-and-run road crossing accident involving child

01.01.16 12:42 | Incidents

A young driver of a VAZ-2112, 21, who hit a little girl, 11, in a Penza road accident by Suvorova street, 92, and escaped the scene, was detained at his place of residence, the press service of the Penza region traffic police department informed PenzaNews agency.

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