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Man suspected behind Penza apartment building yard blast arrested

15:49 | 02.02.2016 | Incidents


Penza, 2 February 2016. PenzaNews. The police have arrested the suspected orchestrator of the blast that occurred in the yard of a Ladozhskaya street apartment building in Penza, along with actual perpetrators who installed the explosive device, in the morning of Saturday, January 30, announced Police Colonel Artur Yudin, head of the Criminal Investigation office to the Penza region Ministry of the Interior department.

Man suspected behind Penza apartment building yard blast arrested

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“During the operation, the police founded fragments of the device and sent them away for expert evaluation. The experts concluded that the object is a potentially hand-made explosive device that used regular elements of RGD grenade. The police initiated a criminal case on hooliganism,” he reminded.

The police conducted door-to-door canvassing in all apartment buildings by the blast site, identified the cars parked in the vicinity shortly before the incident, and analyzed the recordings of CCTV cameras that covered the prospective retreat routes for the lawbreakers, Artur Yudin explained.

“We established that on the night before the incident, two men approached a car by the incident area and did something under the back section of the car. We identified the owner of the foreign brand car – a resident of one of the nearby apartment buildings – as well as his commercial partner, who got in big debt, which caused a conflict between the two. In order to resolve the situation, the aforementioned commercial partner asked his acquaintances – residents of Udmurtiya – to install the device under the car. Due to malfunction, the device did not go off when the car was started – it exploded later,” the head of the Criminal Investigation office explained.

The suspected orchestrator of the crime has been arrested, he stressed.

“His crime-doers were also identified and arrested. The police in the Penza region and Udmirtiya are undertaking search and investigation operations,” Artur Yudin added.

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