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2 February 2016

Man suspected behind Penza apartment building yard blast arrested

02.02.16 15:49 | Incidents

The police have arrested the suspected orchestrator of the blast that occurred in the yard of a Ladozhskaya street apartment building in Penza, along with actual perpetrators who installed the explosive device, in the morning of Saturday, January 30, announced Police Colonel Artur Yudin, head of the Criminal Investigation office to ...

Four rugby players from Penza to take part in match versus Spain national team

02.02.16 15:02 | Sport

Four rugby players who come from the Penza rubgy school will be taking part in the first match of the second round of the European Nations Cup in Sochi on Saturday, February 6, where the Russian national team will play versus Spain.

Georgy Kamnev posts reaction on Oleg Tyugaev’s Penza communal affairs issue

02.02.16 14:07 | Communal Services

Georgy Kamnev, deputy of the Penza region Legislative Aseembly, first secretary of the regional Communist Party committee, posted a reaction to the newspiece published by PenzaNews agency that contains the comments from Interpol-wanted Oleg Tyugaev about resolving the ...

“V Gostyakh u Dyady Zheni” workman gives testimony on Ushakovs case

02.02.16 11:58 | Society

Pavel Ionov, a workman of the cafe “V Gostyakh u Dyady Zheni” on Pobedy prospect, who became a chance witness of Yuri Ushakov, civil activist, expert in communal affairs, and his son Alexander, gave testimony in the Leninsky Penza city area court on Tuesday, February 2.

Penza mayor proposes to hold “Neighbors’ Day”

02.02.16 11:40 | Society

The Penza city mayor Victor Kuvaytsev proposed to hold a neighborhood Saturday cleanup in one of the city apartment building yards on February 6, during which the communal services, city administration workers and local residents would clean snow from the area, all culminating with a “Neighbors’ Day” feast.

Three knives seized from Yuri Ushakov’s son on arrest

02.02.16 11:33 | Society

The police seized three knives from Alexander Ushakov, who was arrested along with his father Yuri Ushakov, civil activist and expert on communal affairs, on Pobedy prospekt in Penza on January 26, said Police Lieutenant Alexei Utkin during the Leninsky city area court session on Tuesday, February 1.

Penza “DomInno” winter school to open on February 26-29

02.02.16 11:11 | Society

“DomInno” winter school will open in the Penza region Olympic reserve school on February 26-29.

Penza ex-deputy wanted by Interpol gives advice on improving “Open City” web service

02.02.16 10:03 | Communal Services

Oleg Tyugaev, former Penza city Duma deputy from the United Russia faction, who once again became the subject of search by the Investigative Committee in May 2015 and is now wanted by Interpol , decided post in Facebook a note of advice on improving the new web service ...

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