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Car falls from bridge into river; Penza police investigate incident

10:16 | 27.03.2016 | Incidents


Penza, 27 March 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza traffic police are investigating the traffic incident that occurred on Ryabova street in Penza on Saturday, March 26, during which a Lada Kalina broke through the bridge guard railing and fell into a river after a collision with a Lada Priora.

Car falls from bridge into river; Penza police investigate incident

Photo: 58.mchs.gov.ru

However, the driver and the passenger in the Lada Kalina managed to effortlessly escape the car without any significant injuries, as the river was relatively shallow.

According to witnesses of the incident, the driver of the car was drunk.

One of the people who seen the aftermath was Anna Kuznetsova, president of the charity foundation in support of family, motherhood and childhood “Pokrov,” head of the regional APF executive committee. She expressed her indignation over the behavior of certain Penza drivers that are causing such incidents and “crashes with children dying that follow one another.”

“Yesterday, I was driving to the kindergarten with [my son] Nikolai, and there’s a Volga rushing out towards us along the less-used road. I hit the brakes, Volga skids, luckily, we held on... I just can’t describe it... And the other day, an Audi was driving at breakneck speed along the Zarya residential area roads during our audit to the land plots allocated for [families with] many children. The driver was either drunk or high. He steered his car towards us three times while we were talking to mothers with many children. The traffic police did not arrive, sadly, told us [they have] no fuel... In a nutshell, people, please let’s care after each other!” she wrote in her Facebook.

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