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27 March 2016

Nearly 2,000 people sign initiative to create park in GPZ-24 Penza residential area

27.03.16 12:24 | Society

The initiative by Georgy Kamnev, first secretary of the Regional Committee of the Communist Party, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region, to create a park in the GPZ-24 residential area of Penza city has gathered 1,690 signatures so far.

Repair crews fix Ternovka pipeline breach that left people without heating, hot water

27.03.16 12:12 | Communal Services

The repair crews successfully fixed the pipeline breach in the Ternovka Penza residential area in the territory of the “City Center of Trade and Services” that left residents of adjacent houses without hot water and heating supply on Saturday, March 26.

Penza city administration plans to hold meeting with “Zenit” coach, players

27.03.16 11:58 | Sport

The Penza city administration plans to hold a meeting with the coaches and players of the football club “Zenit,” a member of the Russian football competition for the second division in the “Center” zone, the press service of the city hall told PenzaNews.

Alexander Fomin, Sergei Kazakov congratulate colleagues with International Theater Day

27.03.16 11:15 | Culture

The director of the Lunacharsky Penza Drama Theater Alexander Fomin and the artistic director of the theater, Distinguished Artist of Russia Sergei Kazakov have congratulated their colleagues with the International Theater Day celebrated on Sunday, March 27.

Car falls from bridge into river; Penza police investigate incident

27.03.16 10:16 | Incidents

The Penza traffic police are investigating the traffic incident that occurred on Ryabova street in Penza on Saturday, March 26, during which a Lada Kalina broke through the bridge guard railing and fell into a river after a collision with a Lada Priora.

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