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“MedInzh” factory damaged by fire

09:15 | 06.04.2016 | Incidents


Penza, 6 April 2016. PenzaNews. The building that houses the company “MedInzh,” which is located in Penza on Tsentralnaya street, 1, was damaged in a fire that sparked up late at night into Wednesday, April 6.

“MedInzh” factory damaged by fire

Photo: 58.mchs.gov.ru

The emergency services received the report about the fire in the shopping and office building, which also houses the traffic police Interdistrict Registration-Examinational Office, after the midnight, Anna Shupilova, head of information and public relations division of the main EMERCOM department in the Penza region, told PenzaNews.

“The fire damaged 450 sq. meters of roofing, which crashed as a result, and partially the internal offices. The firemen managed to stave the fire away from the Interdistrict Registration-Examinational Office, even though the flames were spreading its way,” she explained.

According to Anna Shupilova, the total space of the building is 20,000 sq. meters.

“The fire set off the alarm installed in the building, and the fire was detected by the security guards, who immediately called for a fire dispath that arrived quickly. They managed to prevent a large spread of the fire and extinguish it at practically the same space as when it was first located,” she pointed out.

The causes of the fire are under investigation, with questionings and investigations underway with a proceeding decision to follow, Anna Shupilova added.

“At the moment, the building is being washed down and threatening constructions are being dismantled to prevent another fire,” she said.

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