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6 April 2016

Alexander Tuzov’s case on hold until April 13

06.04.16 18:39 | Society

The preliminary Penza region Arbitration Court session on the case of the PenzaNews agency founding body against an individual businessman Alexander Tuzov on recovery of compensation for 74 facts of illegal use of copyrighted work has been temporarily placed on hold.

Penza enterprise “MedInzh” loses dozens million rubles after night fire

06.04.16 15:55 | Society

The fire in the Penza high-tech medical research and development enterprise “MedInzh”that focuses on developing such medical devices as artificial heart valves reportedly dealt several dozen million rubles of gamages to the company, announced the assistant ...

Penza citizen fined over 1 million rubles after not paying alimony for nearly 18 years

06.04.16 15:06 | Society

The court bailiffs fined a Penza citizen 1,058,000 rubles of debt for not paying alimony for his daughter for nearly 18 years.

Sergei Sizov heads Penza FSB department

06.04.16 14:07 | Society

Sergei Sizov has been appointed the head of the FSB department in the Penza region.

Penza city hall representatives again review new buses

06.04.16 12:39 | Society

The city hall officials along with the assistant head of the Penza administration Andrei Schevchenko held the final review of new buses for procurement for the city transportation system, which take place on Wednesday, April 6.

Mikhail Dralin holds important talks session with Kazakhstan partners

06.04.16 12:27 | Economy

The Bank Kuznetsky board chairman Mikhail Dralin held a series of important talks during the business visit to Kazakhstan in the Penza region delegation led by the governor Ivan Belozertsev.

Supporting sports is contributing to Penza region’s future, reputation – Alexei Savichev

06.04.16 11:37 | Sport

Supporting mass sports helps advocating healthy lifestyle for the younger generation and allows the adults to improve the outside reputation of the Penza region today, Alexei Savichev, Penza city Duma deputy of the sixth convocation for the polling district No. 2, head of ...

“MedInzh” factory damaged by fire

06.04.16 09:15 | Incidents

The building that houses the company “MedInzh,” which is located in Penza on Tsentralnaya street, 1, was damaged in a fire that sparked up late at night into Wednesday, April 6.

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