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Mass poisoning in Kuznetsk: hot line opened to get reports about suspicious rum

11:26 | 23.11.2016 | Incidents


Penza, 23 November 2016. PenzaNews. In connection with the investigation of the criminal case on the surrogate alcohol mass poisoning in Kuznetsk that resulted in 4 deaths, the investigative department of the regional Investigative Committee set up the hot line.

Mass poisoning in Kuznetsk: hot line opened to get reports about suspicious rum

Photo: Penza.sledcom.ru

“The investigators currently have the information that residents may have some alcohol containing products in ‘Bacardi Black Rum’ 1-litre bottles, which could have been presented or sold as elite alcohol,” the senior assistant of the head of the regional Investigative Committee for media relations Lyudmila Fomina told PenzaNews.

She said that those who have doubts regarding alcohol products, should not drink them but immediately report about such beverages by calling +7 (8412) 36-17-02 or 29-46-08.

“The regional Investigative Committee asks citizens to be more attentive while buying alcohol, to check all sales right documents, and if such documents are missing, not to buy the products. Do not buy alcohol from people, and do not buy brand alcohol-containing products for suspiciously low prices and in doubtful places, it can be dangerous for your health and life,” the interlocutor added.

As it was reported earlier, a criminal case was opened on the mass alcohol poisoning in Kuznetsk under Part 3, Art. 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Production, storage, transportation and trade in goods or products, work or service delivery that do not correspond to the safety requirements”.

It is known that on November 20, a group of more than 10 people celebrated a birthday in the “Nora” show bar. At night the guests felt unwell and 11 people were hospitalized. Three men died on November 21. The show-bar “Nora” owner Aleksey Terentyev, whose birthday was celebrated, died on the next day. According to the mayor of Kuznetsk Sergei Zlatogorsky, the celebration participants were friends since childhood.

Methyl alcohol was found in blood of all those who died and were hospitalized.

According to the Minister of Agriculture of the Penza region Andrey Burlakov, the participants of the celebration drank Bacardi rum, besides, this lot of the drink was not officially registered in the Unified State Automated Information System

As a result of the prosecutor’s investigation, a number of health legislation violations were registered in the show-bar “Nora” and in the bar “Grimm” that belonged to the same entrepreneur. These are the violation of products and tableware storage, as well as the absence of the required registers: the quality control register, the register of personnel examination for impetiginous and acute respiratory diseases, the frying fat quality control register.

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