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Young family makes up fire in car waiting for rescue aid in Penza region

13:23 | 31.01.2017 | Incidents


Penza, 31 January 2017. PenzaNews. A young family with a child got in distress in heavy frost on the road in the Penza region,and made up a fire in a metal pot inside the VAZ-2110 car in order to wait for rescue assistance.

Young family makes up fire in car waiting for rescue aid in Penza region

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The incident happened on January 22, but it became known to public only now.

As it was reported by the press service of the Department of Communal Services and Civil Security of the Penza region, the engine of the local car got broken in the evening on the highway "Kirsanovo-Rtischevo" near the village Annino of the Tamalinsky area.

The head of the family asked for help by calling the number “112” and the dispatcher handed over the information about the freezing people to the area administration.

Drivers and rescuers Evgeny Malakhov and Anatoly Vorobyov headed by Igor Maksimkin immediately arrived to the scene of the incident by the ZIL-131 car owned by the municipal fire brigade. When the team arrived, it was decided to tow the car to the area centre to a warm parking place.

In Tamala, the driver of the head of the area administration Denis Lunochkin identified the cause of the breakdown, replaced the torn timing belt and started the engine.

When the family got warm, they continued their way to the Saratov region where they were heading to from Moscow. When they reached home, they called their rescuers and thanked for quick professional actions.

Commenting on the incident, the deputy head of the department of civil security and fire safety of the regional Department of Communal Services and Civil Security Zaur Yusupov noted that such cases are common in winter when roads are covered with ice and when the frost is strong.

"At present, workers of Tamala municipal services provide assistance to the driver of the Moscow truck MAZ that got into a ditch. Departments of the municipal fire protection service are always ready to help drivers who got in distress on federal highways and on regional roads," he explained.

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