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31 January 2017

Museum of Penza region sport planned to be opened in 2018

31.01.17 14:22 | Sport

It is planned that the museum of Penza region sport will be opened in the beginning of 2018. This was reported by the Minister of Physical Culture and Sport of the Penza region Grigory Kabelsky.

Penza contractors prepare about 40% bitumen and almost 20% macadam for road repairs

31.01.17 13:50 | Economy

The contracting organizations that are going to take part in the tender for repair of roads in the Penza region, prepared 38.7% of bitumen and 18.3% of the required quantity of macadam. This was reported by the head of the state public institution "Department of construction ...

Young family makes up fire in car waiting for rescue aid in Penza region

31.01.17 13:23 | Incidents

A young family with a child got in distress in heavy frost on the road in the Penza region,and made up a fire in a metal pot inside the VAZ-2110 car in order to wait for rescue assistance.

Penza governor orders to organize tough selection of road contractors

31.01.17 11:59 | Economy

Companies that seek to conduct road repairs in the Penza region in 2017 will have to prove that they have the necessary equipment and qualified specialists. This opinion was expressed by the governor Ivan Belozertsev.

Governor demands not to delay purchase of materials for Penza road repairs

31.01.17 11:35 | Economy

The governor Ivan Belozertsev ordered to purchase materials for the road repairs, which presuppose the record funding in 2017, in advance.

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