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Mikhail Lyashkov: Penza IT companies demonstrate easy-to-see success

15:06 | 19.04.2016 | IT


Penza, 19 April 2016. PenzaNews. The demands for the products by Penza IT companies on Russian and international markets signify active development of the field in the region, suggested Mikhail Lyashkov, general director of the Center of Cluster Development.

Mikhail Lyashkov: Penza IT companies demonstrate easy-to-see success

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“We see growth. With each year, the numbers of IT companies in the region and the people interested in the field are growing. We consider it one of the cutting-edge and fastest-developing fields. In my opinion, any further development of high-technology economy is impossible without the IT,” he said during the press conference dedicated to the 8th interregional software developers conference “Secon” that will take place in Penza on Friday, April 22.

As Mikhail Lyashkov reminded, the Center is supporting the event for a third year in a row, as the conference brings actual results and positive feedback.

In turn, Vladimir Rozov, general director of Bit.Games, listed a number of successful projects by Penza IT companies.

“One of the members of Secon, a software developers association, is FunCorp, whose product – iFunny – is one of the top 10 mobile apps in the United States. Our products [by Bit.Games] remained in the top 10 apps of Odnoklassniki social network for several years. There is another regional company, Moye Delo – also a rather popular federal entity who created an online accounting service for individual businessmen and small companies,” he explained.

In turn, Maxim Semenkin, chairman of Secon association, head of CodeInside, reminded that the team of Penza IT experts had won one of the nominations of the federal HackDay contest several years ago.

“The programmers have certain competitions of their own – they see who’s able to be the first to create a full-fledged program in 48 hours. This competition is held non-stop: they work, sleep and eat right there,” he explained.

The Penza region IT cluster holds 15 organizations, including software companies, maintenance service providers, IT R&D and educational organizations, and development institutes.

The cluster seeks to help create a powerful and competitive hardware and software field in the region, as well as further the modernization of management, production, innovations and competition in the IT.

The joint cluster projects implemented by the Penza IT companies are the annual interregional software developers conference “Secon”; IT-Laboratory; and Hackathon and HackDay professional competitions.

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