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19 April 2016

Penza unveils monument dedicated to chemical weapons elimination process’ end on city edge

19.04.16 18:05 | Society

The official unveiling of the monument dedicated to the end of the chemical weapons elimination procedures at the Leonidovka facility in the Penza region was held at the intersection of Kordon Studeniy and Konnozavodzkaya streets on Tuesday, April 19.

Mikhail Lyashkov: Penza IT companies demonstrate easy-to-see success

19.04.16 15:06 | IT

The demands for the products by Penza IT companies on Russian and international markets signify active development of the field in the region, suggested Mikhail Lyashkov, general director of the Center of Cluster Development.

Penza NCOs to learn more about Presidential grants

19.04.16 14:12 | Society

The Penza region government will hold a seminar for heads of regional civil-oriented NCOs in the smaller hall the government building on Friday, April 22.

Zarya residential area move-ins to enjoy Rostelecom services

19.04.16 12:18 | IT

The residents of new apartment buildings in the Zarya residential area under the dilapidated housing replacement program can now enjoy the services provided by Rostelecom.

Teenager fined for stealing pants from stores by wearing them under street clothing

19.04.16 11:10 | Crime

A teenager born in 1999 was sentenced to a fine of 6,000 rubles for several cases of theft of sweatpants which he was smuggling out of Penza clothing stores by wearing them under regular street clothing.

Prosecutor’s office discovers new violations at Penza perinatal center construction cite

19.04.16 11:08 | Society

The prosecutor’s office of the Pervomaisky area of Penza has uncovered a number of violations of the labor legislation by the subcontractor company “Sigma” at the construction site of the perinatal center on Lermontova street, 28.

Penza school students win Russian countrywide academic competitions

19.04.16 10:42 | Education

Four Penza school students won the final stage of a number of Russian countrywide academic competitions.

Penza subcontractor to pay 875,000 rubles for migrants at perinatal center construction

19.04.16 10:42 | Society

The Penza area court has upheld 7 statements of the Pervomaisky city area court that recognized the construction company “Sigma” guilty of employing foreign citizens at the construction site without a required patent.

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