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Penza Communists prepare for November 7 march, rally

16:18 | 05.11.2014 | Politics


Penza, 5 November 2014. PenzaNews. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation plans to hold a march and a public rally in the center of Penza city to commemorate the 97th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution that will be celebrated this Friday, November 7.

Penza Communists prepare for November 7 march, rally

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As the press service of the regional CPRF committee told PenzaNews agency, the people will begin the march at 16.30 from the Fountain square, through Moskovskaya street and to Sovetskaya square, and will later hold a public rally by the former “Rodina” cinema.

“The 7th of November is not just a holiday, it is a day of fight for your rights. It is important for us to go to the rally to stand in protest to the infamous ‘optimization’ of welfare and education services. ‘Optimizing’ education means rural schools closing down, kids walking for kilometers through snapping cold to learn. It means searches with metal detectors before USE tests and camera surveillance during them, while kids have to answer the sometimes ridiculous questions in this tense atmosphere. It means receiving a B.Sc. diploma instead of a teacher’s certificate in a pedagogical university and then striving to find a good job. ‘Optimizing’ welfare means maternity houses and consulting centers closing down in every area of the city. It means having to drive to the doctor from Akhuny to Arbekovo. It means maternity wind and morgue closing down in a rural hospital, and driving a mother with child or a dead body to the region center. It means queuing up to the doctor in the regional infirmary two weeks ahead,” the press service clarified.

The regional committee added that the Communists and their supporters must take part in the November 7 rally to say no to cutting down city public gardens and parks.

“The Ulyanov park, Pushkin and Lermontov public gardens, forests in Akhuny, Sosnovka, Zapadnaya polyana and Arbekovo, Lastochkiny mountains, small public gardens on Moskovskaya 40, prospect Stroitelei 50, 8 Marta 7, Furmanova 19, Kalinina, Izmaylova, Austrina, Karpinskovo… The list is endless. They are cutting down trees with no mercy to free space for trade centers and cottages. The city is choking on car fumes, while the authorities keep swinging the axe wildly. We can stop this,” said the regional CPRF department, adding they are also going to protest against the bill rises during the rally.

“We, the Communists, call for you to go to the march and the rally with us on November 7! Today, the protest is practically the only chance to legally influence the authorities. The thieves are only afraid of mass revolts, so if we want changes, we must go to the streets. There is no other way,” the Communist Party representatives appealed to Penza citizens. 

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