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5 November 2014

Minister of Agriculture: Suppliers’ collusion may have caused excessive buckwheat demand in Penza

05.11.14 18:28 | Society

Excessive demand for buckwheat in Penza could have been caused by the collusion of wholesale suppliers, stated Andrei Burlakov, Minister of Agriculture of the region, during the meeting of the working staff on the food market situation held on Wednesday, November 5.

Penza region pensioner killed by Saratov for moralizing about respect for elders

05.11.14 17:32 | Incidents

A 35-year-old man is suspected to have caused the death of a 73-year-old pensioner from Tamala village, the Penza region.

Penza Communists prepare for November 7 march, rally

05.11.14 16:18 | Politics

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation plans to hold a march and a public rally in the center of Penza city to commemorate the 97th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution that will be celebrated this Friday, November 7.

Penza resident to face jail for breaking man’s jaw

05.11.14 15:21 | Incidents

The police have opened a criminal case on intended bodily harm after the conflict at a bus stop on Tarnovskogo Street in Penza resulted in a trip for one of the brawlers to hospital with a fractured lower jaw.

Beeline cellphone network issues rectified

05.11.14 14:02 | Society

The connection problems Beeline clients were experiencing have been fixed, the company said in Twitter in the afternoon of Wednesday, November 5. “Thank you for patience, dear clients! Network back in operation. We again deeply apologize for the issues,” the message says.

Woman committed suicide by jumping out of fifth floor window in Penza

05.11.14 11:27 | Incidents

A woman born in 1978 committed suicide by jumping out of the fifth floor window of an apartment building on prospekt Stroitelei in Penza city.

Several businessmen donated over 2.6 mln rubles for Penza mosque construction

05.11.14 10:59 | Society

Several businessmen who chose to remain anonymous have donated 2,610,000 rubles to the construction of a new mosque in Penza city.

New “Mobile bank” fraud case in Penza

05.11.14 10:33 | Incidents

A 44-year old Penza citizen became a victim of a bank card fraud.

Penza Beeline mobile users experiencing troubles for second day

05.11.14 10:08 | Society

The connection problems that have been inconveniencing Beeline users since Tuesday, November 4, have not been eradicated yet: the phone provider clients are still unable to call other mobile phones located within their in-home cell network or serviced by other operators.

“Siyanie” fund received 1.5 mln rubles for spiritual enlightenment center creation

05.11.14 09:49 | Society

The charity fund of Tatar cultural heritage development “Siyanie” received a grant of 1.5 mln rubles.

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