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Media: Penza ex-mayor Roman Chernov to head “TNS Energo Penza”

11:19 | 23.01.2015 | Politics


Penza, 23 January 2015. PenzaNews. Roman Chernov, former head of the Penza city administration who stayed in the office as first deputy chairman of the regional government for less than a month, will be assigned as the executive director of LLC “TNS Energo Penza” after disappearing from the public eye, says the article titled “Roman Chernov Goes to Energy” published in “Ulitsa Moskovskaya” newspaper.

Roman Chernov, former head of the Penza city administration

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According to it, the high-ranking official will take the office starting on Monday, January 26.

“It is a decent post for a man who had been leading the works of a large city for 8 years.

“However, six to eight weeks ago the higher public was afoot due to rumors the governor Vasily Bochkarev wants to see Chernov directing the Pension Fund of the Penza region, and it seemed Chernov had no objections. Looks like the situation has changed, And the wind is finally in favor of his boat,” says the article.

According to the material, this job will allow the former Penza mayor to “officially return to the higher spheres.”

“In our country, even if a man has a lot of money, he needs to hold a relevant position to improve his status – in case he plans to go big in civil life or politics. Or at least to be able to lobby for his business. Roman Chernov is by no means a loner: he is a member of a certain political and financial clique, or even cliques. He has something to owe his business partners. So his assignment as the executive director of LLC 'TNS Energo Penza' is an advancement to the new orbit, a chance for him to advance or be pulled to a new personal and professional level,” says the article.

LLC “TNS Energo Penza” is a guarantee-bound energy supplier in the Penza region.

Currently, it is led by Veniamin Afrikanov, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region, who is also heading JSC “TNS Energo.”

Accordng to official sources, Veniamin Afrikanov has declared his profits at 9,251,845 tublers in 2013, and 42,584,765 in 2012.

At the same time, Roman Chernov has earned a total of 2,268,901 rubles in 2013, and 1,860,172 in 2012.

As PenzaNews agency reported earlier, Roman Chernov had been leading the Penza city administration for over eight years and a half. In June 2014, Vasily Bochkarev promoted him to the first deputy chairman of the regional government.

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