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23 January 2015

Exposition “Wonders and mysteries of northern seas” opened in “Penza” concert hall

23.01.15 18:55 | Society

International photo exposition “Wonders and mysteries of northern seas. From White to Greenland” opened in “Penza” concert hall lobby on Friday, January 23.

561 thousand tons of potatoes to be produced in Penza region

23.01.15 17:32 | Economy

561 thousand tons of potatoes are planned to be produced in the Penza region in 2015, said Andrei Burlakov, minister of agriculture of the region, during the meeting of the expert council at the department board held on Friday, January 23.

Home-seeking stray cats and dogs database created in Penza

23.01.15 16:25 | Society

The Penza project “In Good Hands,” an online database of stray animals looking for new owners, has launched in beta.

Preparations for “Jazz May Penza 2015” festival underway in Penza

23.01.15 15:47 | Culture

Penza activists began preparations for the 5th International Festival “Jazz May Penza 2015.”

Penza surpassed army enrollment plan

23.01.15 13:31 | Society

The Penza region has drafted 392 new recruits to the Russian Army during the 2014 campaign, surpassing the target figure of 370 recruits.

Most popular names 2014 listed in Penza region

23.01.15 13:23 | Society

The most popular names for the Penza newborn in 2014 were Anastasia, Maria and Victoria for girls, and Artem, Alexander, Yegor and Ivan for boys.

Penza journalists received gratitude for promoting blood donations

23.01.15 13:23 | Society

The Penza regional blood transfusion station expressed their gratitude to the regional media for promoting blood donation culture during an official event on Friday, January 23.

EMERCOM to deliver sick man from Crimea to Penza via special plane

23.01.15 11:35 | Society

EMERCOM has directed an An-148 plane to Simferopol to deliver a sick person from the city to the federal cardiovascular surgery center in Penza.

Media: Penza ex-mayor Roman Chernov to head “TNS Energo Penza”

23.01.15 11:19 | Politics

Roman Chernov, former head of the Penza city administration who stayed in the office as first deputy chairman of the regional government for less than a month, will be assigned as the executive director of LLC “TNS Energo Penza” after disappearing from the public eye, says the article titled “Roman Chernov Goes to ...

“Root for ours!” project to begin in Penza before Rio Olympics

23.01.15 10:58 | Sport

The project titled “Root for ours!” will begin in the Penza region before the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

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