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New high-level politician may soon appear in Penza

13:45 | 09.02.2015 | Politics


Penza, 9 February 2015. PenzaNews. A new political figure – Vadim Dengin, deputy of the Russian Duma, member of the Higher Council of LDPR – may soon appear in the Penza region political life in the nearest future.

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Based on information from one of the PenzaNews sources close to the higher regional political levels, Vadim Dengin will replace Anton Ischenko as the Liberal-Democratic Party curator of the Penza region after the former “failed the September City Duma election campaign.”

“You can recall all that campaign, those claims, and the shameful result of 2.15%. At the very least, it is a small result for a State Duma deputy with ambitions raised to practically getting the highest seat in the region. Obviously, [Vadim Dengin] replacing [Anton Ischenko] will only help the matters. And you should remember this year will be a tough one, as the Penza region will hold the governor elections,” said the agency interlocutor, adding that Vadim Dengin may visit Penza as soon as next week.

At the same time, another agency interlocutor with direct contacts in the Penza regional LDPR branch said he has no information on the decisions of the LDPR Higher Houncil, which is why Anton Ischenko “will remain the Penza region curator.”

However, he too confirmed the oncoming visit of Vadim Dengin to the Penza region. According to preliminary data, he said, the official will use this opportunity to meet the local Party staff.

“Vadim Evgenyevich [Dengin] is a very strong young politician. He is 34, and he is the first deputy chairman of the Russian Duma committee on information policy, IT and communications. In LDPR, he presides over the youth branch and is a member of the Higher Council. If the Penza region will be included in his responsibility list, this will be good, of course. It will significantly strengthen and improve the regional [Party] branch, especially in youth works. But still, Anton Anatolyevich [Ischenko] is not going to leave Penza anywhere: he is a member of the regional branch coordination council, the collegial authority body. Besides, he has contacts with voters,” added the agency interlocutor.

He also suggested the current region control plan in LDPR may soon change to the layout when each City Duma deputy answered not for a region, but for a larger federal district.

“And speaking of the election and the so-called result of 2.15%, I think everybody clearly remember how they went, and how they went in the district No. 7 in particular where Anton Ischenko suggested his candidacy. The court proceedings began from the first day after the election, and they are continuing even now. The officials even canceled the results and ordered recount in two other districts. It is still unclear who should be in the office: the United Russia deputy Vasily Zhuravlev, or Lyudmila Kolomytseva,” he recalled.

In his turn, the Penza branch of LDPR declined to comment on the potential replacement, calling the questions premature.

Vadim (Evgenyevich) Dengin was born in the Kaluga region on September 23, 1980.

In 2004, he graduated from the Moscow State University of Economy, Statistics and Information Technology.

He worked as the senior specialist of the youth committee in the lower branch of the Parliament until being elected the State Duma deputy from the LDPR in the Novosibirsk region in 2011.

He is the first deputy chairman of the Russian Duma committee on information policy, IT and communications, a member of the Higher Council of LDPR, and presides over the youth organization of the Party.

He was one of the deputies who suggested introducing the 90/180 immigration corridor for foreigners moving to Russia without visas, and among those who recommended to ban online companies from storing personal data of Russian users outside the country.

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