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9 February 2015

Penza administration may employ chief artist

09.02.15 18:03 | Politics

Roman Petrukhin, deputy chairman of the City Duma, proposed to introduce a position of chief artist in the Penza administration.  “There has always been a chief artist. Perhaps the very lack of such an official led to the mess we see in our city’s exterior,” he said during the meeting of the City Duma Standing ...

Penza diesel plant intends to lay off 300 people

09.02.15 17:21 | Economy

According to Vasily Bochkarev, governor of the Penza region, the Penza diesel plant intends to lay off 300 people.

32 thousand sq. meters of housing commissioned in Penza region in January

09.02.15 16:33 | Economy

A total of 32,305 sq. meters of housing was commissioned in the Penza region in January with all sources of funding.

Penza pensioner paid 66 thousand rubles to fraudster faking police officer

09.02.15 14:54 | Incidents

A resident of Penza, 89, lost 66 thousand rubles trying to help her grandson escape from the alleged criminal responsibility.

New high-level politician may soon appear in Penza

09.02.15 13:45 | Politics

A new political figure – Vadim Dengin, deputy of the Russian Duma, member of the Higher Council of LDPR – may soon appear in the Penza region political life in the nearest future.

Penza minister called “Russia Ski Trail” “showoff”

09.02.15 11:44 | Society

Alexei Kostin, Minister of Investment Development and Business of the Penza region, expressed his skepticism over the mass race titled “Russia Ski Trail,” calling it “blatant showoff.”

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