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Penza Communist Party leader: Ivan Belozertsev a politican who can persuade people

13:35 | 25.05.2015 | Politics


Penza, 25 May 2015. PenzaNews. The appointment of Ivan Belozertsev as the acting governor of the Penza region is a “good option” for the region, the deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly, first secretary of the CPRF regional committee Georgy Kamnev told PenzaNews agency on Monday, May 25.

Penza Communist Party leader: Ivan Belozertsev a politican who can persuade people

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“Ivan Alexandrovich [Belozertsev] is a long-playing figure in Penza politics and always worked very steadily. There aren’t any negative anecdotes associated with him. I think he will do his duties and most definitely go for elections. So I think it is a good option for the Penza region,” the official said.

In his opinion, Ivan Belozertsev defining feature is his skill in management.

“He can organize, motivate people, find some subtle ways to approach them and make them believe something should and must be done. He is a demanding man: if there was an order, he will ask what has become of it,” the leader of the Penza Communist Party office stressed.

Answering the question on how Ivan Belozertsev’s position as the secretary of the regional United Russia office would influence his future relations with other political powers, Georgy Kamnev told PenzaNews agency he believes the acting governor will remain neutral.

“I hope it will not affect the issue. I believe he will not act in the interest of any party, because is now a man above all parties, and will work to the benefit of all Penza region residents. […] I believe that Ivan Alexandrovich will pay attention to all issues,” the Penza region Legislative Assembly deputy emphasized.

“I believe [he] will manage,” the official concluded.

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