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25 May 2015

Penza ensemble “Venzelya” won All-Russian festival Grand Prix

25.05.15 17:14 | Culture

The Penza choreographic ensemble “Venzelya” won the Grand Prix at the All-Russian festival of Russian folk dance “They round dance across all Russia” for the prize of the USSR People’s Artist, USSR State Prize laureate Tatyana Ustinova, which ended in Vladimir.

Expert: People are ready to support Ivan Belozertsev at gubernatorial elections

25.05.15 16:05 | Politics

The population of the Penza region is ready to support the candidacy of the acting governor Ivan Belozertsev during the September elections, predicts political analyst Anatoly Bodrov in interview with PenzaNews agency, based on the results of previously conducted own surveys.

Vasily Bochkarev announced closure his LiveJournal account

25.05.15 15:53 | Politics

Vasily Bochkarev, heading the Penza region since 1998 till May 25, 2015, announced the closure of his personal blogger account in Live Journal due to the termination of the governor's authority.

Vladimir Simagin glad Ivan Belozertsev, not “carpetbagger” assigned as acting governor

25.05.15 14:33 | Politics

The State Duma deputy from the Penza region Vladimir Simagin representing the Communist Party faction, a potential gubernatorial candidate from the CPRF, gave a positive mark to the news that Ivan Belozertsev was appointed the acting regional governor.

Ischenko hopes for fair competition with Belozertsev in Penza gubernatorial election

25.05.15 13:47 | Politics

The State Duma deputy from the Saratov region Anton Ischenko who was unanimously supported by the LDPR Supreme Council as a candidate for the gubernatorial election in the Penza region expressed his hopes for an honest competition with Ivan Belozertsev who was appointed the ...

Penza Communist Party leader: Ivan Belozertsev a politican who can persuade people

25.05.15 13:35 | Politics

The appointment of Ivan Belozertsev as the acting governor of the Penza region is a “good option” for the region, the deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly, first secretary of the CPRF regional committee Georgy Kamnev told PenzaNews agency on Monday, May 25.

Igor Rudensky: Ivan Belozertsev’s appointment a logical decision

25.05.15 13:28 | Politics

The State Duma deputy from the Penza region in the United Russia faction Igor Rudensky called the appointment of Ivan Belozertsev as acting governor a logical decision.

Penza governor Vasily Bochkarev’s initiatives in last 5 years in office

25.05.15 12:15 | Politics

Vasily Bochkarev, 66, who led the Penza region since 1998, went into the annals of history as a generator of ideas for improvement of various areas of people’s life. Some ideas of Vasily Bochkarev were seen by his subordinates as direct orders, while others remained ...

Ivan Belozertsev. Biography

25.05.15 12:05 | Politics

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin assigned Ivan Belozertsev, chairman of the regional Legislative Assembly, secretary of the regional United Russia branch, as the acting governor of the Penza region, after the term of the former governor Vasily Bochkarev, who was leading the region since 1998, has ended. The order was published ...

Ivan Belozertsev appointed acting Penza region governor

25.05.15 11:54 | Politics

The chairman of the Penza region Legislative Assembly Ivan Belozertsev was appointed as the acting governor of the Penza region until the new elections, according to the decree signed by the Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, May 25.

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