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Ischenko hopes for fair competition with Belozertsev in Penza gubernatorial election

13:47 | 25.05.2015 | Politics


Penza, 25 May 2015. PenzaNews. The State Duma deputy from the Saratov region Anton Ischenko who was unanimously supported by the LDPR Supreme Council as a candidate for the gubernatorial election in the Penza region expressed his hopes for an honest competition with Ivan Belozertsev who was appointed the acting region by the Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, May 25.

The State Duma deputy from the Saratov region Anton Ischenko

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“It was an expected decision. I spoke of that several times, and the news were in the federal press as well, so I see nothing extraordinary here. I also think the election will be fairly interesting, since there is a potential to compete with Ivan Alexandrovich [Belozertsev] at an almost equal level,” Anton Ischenko commented for PenzaNews on the event.

He also stressed that the LDPR politicians are ready to offer the residents of the region new approaches and solutions to the current problems.

“I think the regional Duma deputy [Until recently, Ivan Belozertsev has been the chairman of the Penza region Legislative Assembly – Ed.] would not be able to make such offers, since the regional authorities must have had to calm a life and not all decisions favored the people. They did not make the more effective steps that would allow to significantly improve the life of the citizens living in the Penza region among other things, or the decisions that would allow to fill up the profits of the budget,” the State Duma deputy said.

He added that he hopes for a constructive dialogue during the upcoming election campaign.

“Ready for TV air debates. I hope the acting governor is not going to block news outlets or exert pressure on the deputies who are to provide their signatures for candidates from the opposition. I think we will finally have an opportunity to compete,” Anton Ischenko added.

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