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Vladimir Putin to meet elected regional heads

17:00 | 17.09.2015 | Politics


Penza, 17 September 2015. PenzaNews. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin met in Sochi on September 17 the heads of the 22 Russian regions that were elected during the September 13 united election day, among them Ivan Belozertsev who received over 86% of the vote in the Penza region.

Photo: Kremlin.ru

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“The election campaign has concluded, the unified election day in Russia saw elections in almost every region. Over 90,000 mandates in regional and municipal power were contested. All who took part in it did a great work. In particular, I would like to thank those who helped preparing and holding the election: the parties, the civil organizations, the election supervisors who controlled the voting process,” Vladimir Putin addressed them.

He also pointed out that the citizens voted more actively and “expressed their stance, their interest in the course of development for the villages, cities and regions where they live.”

“I find it important that the citizens support the political powers that favor the gradual development of the country and its increased sovereignty – and those people who are closer to the masses, as people see, know, and understand the intentions of these candidates for the top offices are in favor of their voters,” the head of the state added.

Vladimir Putin placed particular emphasis on the fact that the election campaign was marked with transparent, fair and often tough competition.

“In spite of the heat of the competition, legitimacy – both of the voting and the results – was proven by all parties that took part in the election, another sign that Russia sees the development of a strong multi-party system and growing political culture. The standards for the truly transparent, competitive and legitimate election procedures we had set must be also followed in the upcoming 2016 State Duma election,” the Russian President added.

According to him, the past election campaign confirmed to role of the parties represented in the Parliament as key and vital to the country’s political activities.

“By the way, it were representatives of those parties who competed in the gubernatorial elections. Moreover, the parties outside the Parliament are also growing stronger, and they were actively participating in elections of all levels this time. I’d like to add that many strong competitors – your competitors in those elections – may become candidates for the State Duma elections, possibly through single-mandate areas in your lands. It is good to see such bright and socially respected persons in the arena,” he noted.

Subsequently, Vladimir Putin pointed out that the 2016 State Duma election will feature twice as many parties as before.

“10 non-represented [parties] will be able to directly participate, plus the four represented ones. There were only 7 parties on the previous election, this time there will be 14. It is my belief that the tough competition will refresh the federal Parliament with an inflow of the political powers, the politicians, who are able to prove their abilities to resolve the current issues that trouble people,” said the head of the state.

In an address to the newly-elected governors, the Russian President placed particular emphasis on using the newly-created bonds with the citizens to work harder and yield better results.

“Regardless of the political timetable, we must always pay attention to the people, do that without any excuses over the current issues, and do not shut off from the problems. And most importantly, dear friends: if you came to be elected into power, if people entrusted you with such high offices, you must work hard and with great results, or you should have never come here. It may look like I am saying something basic, but reality shows not everybody and not everyone knows these basics. But we must never forget about them. Of course, in the wake of the upcoming State Duma election, we must work to consolidate the public, to unite all positive forces over the main tasks for development of the state. I trust you all realize the responsibility, and are ready to work in the field,” the press service of the Kremlin quotes Vladimir Putin.

As PenzaNews agency reported earlier, on May 25, 2015, Ivan Belozertsev was appointed the acting governor of the Penza region by the decree of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, after the term of the previous governor Vasily Bochkarev, who had been heading the region since 1998, had ended.

On September 13, Ivan Belozertsev won the regional gubernatorial election. He received the support of the unrivaled public majority – nearly 600,000 voters, or over 86%.

The official inauguration ceremony of Ivan Belozertsev as the new Penza region governor during the extraordinary 29th session of the regional Legislative Assembly of the fifth convocation will take place at 15.00 of September 21 in the building of the regional Lunacharsky Drama Theater.


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