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17 September 2015

Alexander Elatontsev: Penza region non-profit field improving in quality

17.09.15 17:25 | Society

The non-profit field of the Penza region is improving in terms of quality, according Alexander Elatontsev, acting head of Internal Policy and Mass Communications Department of the Penza region, who expressed his opinion on the report on civil activism in the Penza region ...

Vladimir Putin to meet elected regional heads

17.09.15 17:00 | Politics

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin met in Sochi on September 17 the heads of the 22 Russian regions that were elected during the September 13 united election day, among them Ivan Belozertsev who received over 86% of the vote in the Penza region.

Oleg Sharipkov: Penza “Civil Control” foundation closes due to members’ reduced enthusiasm

17.09.15 15:37 | Society

The Penza foundation “Civil Control,” originally registered as a non-profit organization in mid-2012 and currently undergoing the liquidation process, ceased to exist as its members lost enthusiasm, the executive director of the Civil Union foundation Oleg ...

Penza Local Lore Museum to celebrate 110th anniversary

17.09.15 14:55 | Society

The Penza Museum of Local Lore will hold an official celebration of its 110th anniversary on Tuesday, September 22.

Second Penza regional civil activism report goes public

17.09.15 14:43 | Society

Oleg Sharipkov, executive director of Civil Union foundation, has presented the second report on civil activism in the Penza region during the meeting with journalists on Thursday, September 17, held in the PenzaNews agency press center.

Penza glassworks cluster participates in HouseHold Expo – 2015

17.09.15 11:34 | Economy

The enterprises of the Penza glassworks cluster took part in the international trade show “HouseHold Expo – 2015” held in Moscow’s Krokus Expo on September 15-17.

Penza school students to take part in international robotics festival

17.09.15 10:48 | Society

Penza school students will take part in the 2nd international robotics festival “Robofinist” on September 19-20. The festival will be held in the expo-center hall of the St. Petersburg “Garden City” shopping complex.

Charity campaign to help people who lost homes in Kuznetsk fire begins accepting help

17.09.15 10:00 | Society

A charity campaign dedicated to helping the 30 families who had lost their homes after a September 1, 2015 apartment building fire on Sverdlova street, 109 in Kuznetsk, went operational in the Penza region. Its founded and manager is PenzaNews reporter Anna Volkova, whose ...

Penza Drama Theater artistic director Sergei Kazakov placed in Ukraine sanction list

17.09.15 09:49 | Politics

Sergei Kazakov, artistic director of the theater, Distinguished Artist of Russia, regional Legislative Assembly deputy, Presidential trustee, was placed in the list of persons barred from entering Ukrained.

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