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Penza Duma deputies earn 240 million rubles in 2015

17:02 | 17.05.2016 | Politics


Penza, 17 May 2016. PenzaNews. The overall declared income earned by the 33 deputies of the Penza city Duma in 2015 reached slightly under a quarter billion rubles – around 240 million rubles, according to PenzaNews calculations.

Penza Duma deputies earn 240 million rubles in 2015

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Based on the income declarations, the highest income over the past year – 48,928,629 rubles – was earned by Vladimir Sukhov, general director of the company “SKB,” member of the United Russia party faction (voting district No. 32).

Penza Duma deputy Vladimir Sukhov

The second-highest earning deputy in 2015 was Denis Zhelikhovsky, deputy for the voting district No. 31 (United Russia faction), general director of “Dubrava” insurance company, with 35,433,791 rubles.

Penza Duma deputy Denis Zhelikhovsky

The third place – with the annual income of 34,950,833 rubles – was taken by Igor Kostin, deputy for the voting district No. 12 in the United Russia faction, general director of the company “Plast.”

Penza Duma deputy Igor Kostin

Moreover, the top 10 list of deputies with the highest income features: Boris Dryakin (district No. 21), director of “StroyTeks,” with 29,475,909 rubles; Sergei Kulichkov (district No. 8), finance director of “Konkurent” trading company, with 19,497,304 rubles; Sergei Lisovol (district No. 24), director for the Penza city branch of “Bolshaya Volga,” with 16,628,560 rubles; Alexei Savichev (district No. 24), director of “AlekStroy,” with 8,921,713 rubles; Andrei Fomin (district No. 4), general director of “Korporatsiya ‘Dilizhans’” and “Kompaniya ‘Dilizhans’,” with 8,633,766 rubles; Sergei Sedov (district No. 3), founder and head of “KroMa,” with 5,065,445 rubles; and Yuri Zinovyev (district No. 13), general director of “Soglasiye,” with 4,776,025 rubles. All of the aforementioned deputies are members of the United Russia party faction.

At the same time, Zhigansha Tuktarov, deputy for the voting district No. 5, head of the LDPR faction in the Penza Duma, board chairman of the charity foundation for development of Tatar cultural heritage “Siyanie,” was placed in the middle of the list with the annual income of 2,346,105 rubles.

Penza Duma deputy Zhigansha Tuktarov

The lowest income in 2015 – only 6,960 rubles – was declared by Alexander Trutnev, deputy for the voting district No. 11 in the CPRF faction, commercial director of “Snezhok.”

Penza Duma deputy Alexander Trutnev

At the same time, his colleague in the party Oleg Shalyapin, deputy for the voting district No. 1, head of the Penza Duma CPRF faction, earned 422,000 rubles over the past year.

Penza Duma deputy Oleg Shalyapin

Some of the United Russia faction members with the lowest-declared incomes – ranging from 322,000 to 157,000 rubles – are: Victor Vorobyev (district No. 30), acting director of “Penzalift”; Andrei Sakmaev (district No. 28), board chairman of the regional charity foundation for support of civil and social initiatives “Veteran”; Anatoly Ovcharenko (district No. 18), general director of “Osteomed-Export”; and Andrei Voskresensky (district No. 20), director of the Penza zoo.

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