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17 May 2016

Penza man brought to ER after getting beaten down by wooden bench

17.05.16 18:15 | Crime

The police arrested a 26-year-old Penza citizen who beat down a 46-year-old man with a wooden bench by an apartment building on Stroiteley prospekt.

Female tiger born in Penza bears cubs in Grodno, Belarus

17.05.16 17:59 | Society

A pair of Amur tigers in the zoo of Grodno, Belarus – the female Taiga, who moved there from Penza in 2011, and Sherkhan, who came from Izhevsk in November 2012 – had two cubs very recently.

Nikita Mikhalkov to visit Penza

17.05.16 17:32 | Society

Nikita Mikhalkov, People’s Artist of the RSFSR, chairman of the Russian Cinematographists Union, plans to visit Penza in the upcoming week.

Land-lenders now own over 400 million rubles to Penza municipality

17.05.16 17:20 | Politics

The organizations lending land from the Penza municipality has let their total debt exceed 400 million rubles, announced the head of the city administration’s Municipal Property Department Nailya Alyusheva.

Penza Duma deputies earn 240 million rubles in 2015

17.05.16 17:02 | Politics

The overall declared income earned by the 33 deputies of the Penza city Duma in 2015 reached slightly under a quarter billion rubles – around 240 million rubles, according to PenzaNews calculations.

Youth Glass Art Festival opens in Penza region

17.05.16 16:42 | Culture

The International Youth Glass Art Festival has opened in Nikolsk of the Penza region.

Penza recreation zones to reportedly have swimming ban instituted

17.05.16 16:12 | Society

All six recreation zones in Penza that plan to undergo renovations for the summer will reportedly be closed down for swimming activities, announced the head of the city’s Communal Affairs Department Andrei Grishin during the session of the permanent City Duma committee on urban planning, land use and property held on Tuesday, ...

Penza company director paid bank, subcontractor debts out of employees’ salaries

17.05.16 13:58 | Crime

An audit by the prosecutor’s office for the Leninsky Penza area court in the company “PK-Stroy-1” resulted in a criminal case under Part 2, Art. 145.1 of the Criminal Code, “Withholding Salaries, Pensions, Stipends and Other Payments.”

Penza vice-mayors report 2015 incomes

17.05.16 12:45 | Politics

The Penza city hall website has published the information on income, property and material liabilities in 2015 as declared by the four Penza administration deputy heads – Sergei Volkov, Vladimir Popkov, Irina Shirshina and Yuri Ilyin.

Penza officials begin Novy Kavkaz street old school building demolition

17.05.16 10:25 | Society

The Penza officials initiated the demolition of the old school building located on the intersection of Novy Kvakaz and Shevchenko streets.

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